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Thread: The reason Inter was created?

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    The reason Inter was created?

    The club was founded on March 9, 1908 as Internazionale FBC Milano, following a "schism" from the Milan Cricket and Football Club. A group of Italians and Swiss (Giorgio Muggiani, a painter who also designed the club's logo, Bossard, Lana, Bertoloni, De Olma, Enrico Hintermann, Arturo Hintermann, Carlo Hintermann, Pietro Dell'Oro, Ugo and Hans Rietmann, Voelkel, Maner, Wipf, and Carlo Ardussi) were unhappy about the domination of Italians in the AC Milan team, and broke away from them, leading to the creation of Internazionale. From the beginning, the club was open to foreign players and thus lived up to her founding name.

    Now this is the official explenation from Wikipedia. Can someone explane what is ment by "domination" of Italian players?
    Were foreign players not alowed to play?
    Can someone explane exsactly what happend?
    Because what ever it was, it led to a creation of Inter.

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    There is one thread about this stuff and our connections to Switzerland.
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    Inter was created to be a pain in the ass to ACmilan. Inter is a club for the cool people all around the World. And you want to be cool don't you? Because we all know what happens to people who don't want to be cool...
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