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Thread: FC Barcelona's New Camp Nou

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    Thank God I had a chance to see "old" Nou Camp. To be honest, I am not sure if it is a good idea to make any big changes there.
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    It's gonna look like the Allianz Arena
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuko View Post
    It's gonna look like the Allianz Arena
    Allianz Arena is absolutely beautiful and mades Wembley Stadium look like a Autobahn Service Station. The Stadium in Cardif is pretty cool though.
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    I see the Mellenium Stadium as a shame to be played on by such a poor performing team like Wales, it belongs to a great, big team, no disrespect of course

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    I like it, it but it seems a little over the top. It probably will be better in real life.
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    I don`t like the design.

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