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Thread: tactic after first official game.

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    tactic after first official game.

    after this official game i believe it should go something like this






    i was unsure about favalli but he played well so i got faith in him, and i was also unsure about stankovic on the left wing like he use to play at lazio. but he always cuts across to get great shots on goal and looks really dangerous. so he would be my lmf. now for my 'B' Team. in other words if some one from the A team was to be subbed id probably replace them with their equivalent below. e.g,
    cambiasso > davids.
    vieri > adriano.
    zamaria - karagounis.
    NB: cant replace capitano, if we had to i would move zemaria their and either stankovic or karagounis in front of him.but then again capitano rarely misses a game (hope i dont jinx him)





    now thats 21 players. i would keep an extra 4 just as 'squad' players.

    Cordaz, Mihajlovic (wish it was adani or COCO!), Cruz and Kily (unfortunatly doenst look like room for him with mancini here) so thats 25 players.
    what are your views? that means no room for zicu and ventola. loan both because in a few years veiri, recoba, cruz will be retired lol

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    I don't see the need to open a new tactic thread. Let's discuss this in the current thread.


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