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Thread: Azzkikr's Grandmother?

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    Azzkikr's Grandmother?

    I heard about this player today from the big Azzkikr himself. I must say she sounds like an exciting player. I'm a little ashamed to say I don't know much about her but I hear she scores sitters like crazy! Probably an all out boxstriker..I'm waiting on confirmation from Azzkikr for her other qualities, as I couldn't find any clips on Youtube.

    But is she transfer listed? Will the club she's playing for let her go, and for what price? She can't be that old either, experienced I'm sure but not old. I bet she still got it.

    If I would take a guess..Azzkikr is about seven years of age, his mom had him when she was 20 and her mom had her when she was 17(different times back then people), so that would make her about 42. Now that's kind of old for a striker, but for a boxstriker that scores sitters like a mutha it could be worth it.

    This prospect sounds appealing..
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    We don't need these kinda of threads here.

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