A few days ago, the majority shares of Ancona, a Serie C (Italian 3rd division) team, were purchased by a somewhat different buyer: Centro Sportivo Italiano. Better known as the Vatican Council of Bishops.

"CSI, which is run by the Vatican's Conference of Bishops, has drafted an ethics code both for players and fans and will invest the profits in projects to help developing countries and Catholic youth in Italy.

'It is a way to moralize football, to bring some ethics to a sector that is going through a deep crisis of values,' said Ancona archbishop Edoardo Menichelli, who recently played a benefit game against an Italian national team of singers. CSI president Edio Costantini said the centre wants 'to invest in the true meaning of sport.

We want football to be again a means of education and not tied to strictly monetary values. We will show that, for boys, football is not just an illusion or a bad example.' "

Source: News 24.com from South Africa, 6 October 2007.

Actually, they were in the Serie A as recently as 2004, but went bankrupt. Which meant an automatic relegation to Serie C, along with the loss of their name: Ancona Calcio 1905.