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Thread: Corfu '07.. pics etc

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    Corfu '07.. pics etc

    Ok so i've been home for around 2 weeks now but not had full net access, problems with posting etc..

    Had the best summer ever, by far. Though had some crazy moments along the way!

    I left England early morning on 3rd, arriving in Corfu at 10am.. got to the resort around lunchtime knowing I had to look for an apartment etc or sleep on someones floor.
    Managed to get an apartment living above the bowling alley/internet cafe and right in the middle of the main street of bars and clubs, paying 150 euros a month.

    few photos of the view from apartment balcony..

    after this I spent around 10 days in the hospital after puncturing a lung and came out looking like id done 10 rounds with Tyson

    my hand on the first one was swelled about twice its normal size

    after a few days (ok, hours) recovery, the party started.. the earliest I got to bed all summer was 5:30

    we ate gourmet food...

    spent a lot of time terrorising people from the roof of my apartments.. or just sunbathing up there

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    Is this the sample?
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