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Thread: Modern and New African Stadium

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    Modern and New African Stadium

    With the world progressing into 5th generation stadia, Africa is still falling in behind, and here are some of the new stadiums built or being built as we speak and some others that are good and have been modernised, the question here is

    Are good enough for the world to view and see, are the designs nice, are the stadia kind on the eye and provide a good scene to look at

    I am not looking to make comparisons with major stadia like SS or Olimpico, we are a long way from that

    My question is: do you like the designs?

    sewar lel estade elly nefsy yeb2a el estade el rasmy beta3 masr ba3d Cairo stadium

    Borg El Arab International Stadium (Alexandria, Egypt. 80,000 seats)
    *note: Larger than Cairo Stadium which houses 74,100 seats
    status: 90% complete

    Comparison with the modernised Cairo Stadium

    National Main Stadium (Dar Es Salam, Tanzania. 60,000 seats)
    Status: Completed in 2007

    comparison with old National Stadium

    Mohamed V Stadium (Casablanca, Morocco. 67,000 seats)
    Status: Built since 1955 and modernised

    November 7th Stadium (Rades Stadium) (Rades, Tunisia. 60,000 seats)
    Status: Active since 2001

    South African stadiums for WC

    Soccer City (95,000)

    Mbombela Stadium (40,000)

    Greenpoint Stadium (70,000)

    King's Park (70,000)

    Stade de L'USMA (40,000)

    Kaizer Cheifs Stadium (55,000)

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    Not bad, but there seems to be an obsession with athletic tracks which ruin it all...

    "Stade de L'USMA" is not bad but a little too 'Delle Alpi' for me and "Kings Park", again not bad yet awfully 'Wembleyesque' for me.
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    The King's Park is by far the best stadium if you ask me

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    I mean, these are the serious stadiums that we will probably see in the next 4 years in Africa, and so I just wanted to get an appreciation -or not- from p[pl inside and outside Africa on the progress of African football when it comes to stadium buildings

    The reason I reckon -at least in Egypt- is because when a football stadium is buitl, it's largely for multipurpose reasons other than football, although football is the dominant sport being played in these facilities, but something like the Pan Arabian Games, or the African Games would need a big capacity stadium and of course a running track, and as such the designs are incorporated in the plans.

    In Egypt, Al Ahly and Zamalek are to build their own, privately owned stadiums which are to be built within the next 10 years though, there are no designs because they will not be preached except when the new lands for the new facilities of these two clubs in the new city "6th of October City" are complete and built, then will there will be a competition for the designs of the stadiums.

    The rumor mils back 2 years ago suggested that Ahly will build a 40-60,000 seat stadium, a rectangular design with no running tracks, something along the lines of the Mbombela Stadium or Kaizer Chiefs Stadium.

    Because at the same time, it will depend on how many people will be on average in the stadium watching not only important fixutres such as the derby and CL games, but also league and cup matches, which are starting to have increased numbers of attendance in the past 2 seasons.

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