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Thread: Arabian Ultras

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    Arabian Ultras

    For the ultras topic to be on the European ultras, I have made this to discuss anything about Arabian Ultras
    Well the Arabian ultras are exculsively in North Africa and Egypt is the latest to be affected by this new trend, I am a member of the first ultra in Egypt, Ultras Ahlawy and here is only some of our work since we started in latest stages 2006/2007

    And one of the greatest of them all setting a new Egyptian record for the number of flares to be ignited at once and in a match, 17 flares were lit, I lit one of them in yuesterday's away Ismaily match which ended 1-1

    The pics in "Tel-Aviv" (Ismailia hated us to the bone)
    All credits to Virus from
    Ismailia is a mostly known for Mango growing and thus we originated the idea of a Macman red devil eating up those Mangoes
    AFC's banner being raised, better pic next time
    Our show

    TV shots
    Ismaily's second half coreo which was the same as the first half, which was the same as the one they raised 6 months ago in the semi-final of the Cup
    they raised it upside down

    TV footage

    All credits: Ultras from

    Also in Egypt we have ZLU (Ultras White Knights)

    There are also Ultras 300, the first ever 1st division ultra group for a team not in the Egyptian Premier League and they support Tanta and the newly formed Yellow Dragons of Ismailia who debuted yesterday in the rivalry with us

    The best Ultras are of Esperance in Tunisia, but genrally Tunisian ultras are the best in Arabia and Africa

    Esperance's L'Emeckakhine and Supras

    For more check:

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    So tell what you think

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    I think you should put them in the Ultras thread.

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    As I said, the ultras sections is in the European Leagues section and would like to keep the forums in order

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    Oh OK, keep 'em coming I know the "Ultras" thing is your #1 stuff

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    Yeah it keeps things better like this..
    "Cuore, Testa, Muscoli.. Da anni sognavamo un Gruppo cosi!!!
    Forza Ragazzi
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    pritty cool karim
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    Good stuff karim, we always need some fresh stuff. Now we have another collector on the forum.
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    The CAF Champions League second leg in Cairo finished in utter saddeness for Egypt as Ahly lost 3-1 in the final 2 minutes

    We -Ultras Ahlawy- did this coreo which comprised 3 tifos and colorful stripes

    the 3 tfos had imgaes of the three Champions League Cups, the very old one which we won twice 1980's, and the newer one which we won in 2001 and 2005 and 2006, and the new one of 2007 which its design was exclusive to us as we have one of our memebrs actually works in the CAF and managed to get the design for us.

    The stripes, the green and yellow colors are the colors of the CAF flag and the red is for us, Ahly.

    In each of the tifos we wrote the names and the scores of the teams we played and lead to each cup.


    old cup

    Lats year' cup

    The new Cup

    At the top tier was AFC's coreo, cardboards. They wanted to make a huge Egyptian flag in the top tier, but as alaways with AFC, they didn't have the prganisation to make such a grande coreo, which is the leading reason why UA was formed.

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    Now there are two main groups in Morroco for the Moroccan Derby
    Raja Casablanca (Red and white) and Wedad (White)
    Can't remember the name of Raja Group but Wedad's called Winners
    Raja's group depends on finances from their own people, while Winners have support from the club

    There were 200-250 sold flares for the game, 200 are reported to have been lit

    Match had to be stopped for 20 minutes for the smoke to clear

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    In Egypt, ultras are:

    Ultras Ahlawy
    Ultras White Knights
    Ultras 300

    and now the second Ahly ultra and the first club to ever have two ultra groups, our friends from Alexandria have made Ultras Devils

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karim View Post
    This thing is ****ing wack! Reminds me of those 11th place ****ers!

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    Ahly do play in Red
    Anyways yesterday was one of the bigeest derbies in Africa, Esperance vs Club Afrcain in Tunisia

    Esperance (yellow and red) have the upper hand over CA (red and white) but CA won this match which Esperance had the most chances in by 1-0

    Esperance First Half, made by Meckachekhine

    In the top tier it's written "Bad Story", the bottom tier it's "No Way"

    Second Half, made by Supras

    Taraji is the Arabian name of Esperance

    Club African
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    CA has two ultras, Leaders and Winners, winners made the stripes, but then Leaders went on to put their banner over the words wirtten on the stripes of Leaders, don't know why though
    Anyways, as the players were tasking position in the field the Leaders made their coreo, cards writing "Leaders".

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    Ahly is playing right now with Ittihad away in Alexandria, over 200 km from Cairo, I am in Cairo for university studying, but the lads went and 18 other flares were ignited just like when I went with them to Ismailia.

    Photos tom., match's first half is 1-0 for Ahly.

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    Match ended 2-0 for Ahly and here are the pics

    Ultras Devils, first ever coreo:

    Manuel Jose[Ahly Manager]: King of Africa

    Ultras Ahlawy pyro show, in Ismailia we had 17, in this show we had 18-20

    Comments please.

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    It has ben 4 years since Egypt other powerhouse Zamalek won a single title, the last was in 2003/2004 season League title

    Aftr a recent drop in form and sitting mid table in the league now, the Ultras White Knights decided to make a tifo of disparity towards the players of the team and made this touching coreo

    Everyone dressed in black and made a black tifo with a black banner as a sign of mourning

    The banner says:"You lost your manhood, and now you lost our compasion"

    That seemed to work as a charm for the players, who ran out 3-0 winners in one of Zamalek's best performances in the league this season.

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    Esperance and ESS, the two greatest biggest teams in Tunisia went head to head and these were the coreos of Esperance


    Fights were numerous after the match, many were in serious conditions in hospitals

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    Ismaily and Zamalek, Egypt's second and third biggest teams went head to head a few weeks back in Ismailia, Zamalek lost 1-0.
    Here are the pics
    Yellow Dragons of Ismaily

    Zamalek's: Ultras White Knights

    Zamalek's next away fixture was in Alexandria against struggling Ittihad and the Zamalek's Lover Union-Alexandria, a branch of ZLU made this tifo

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