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Thread: Open Mesage To Inter Fans!

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    Open Mesage To Inter Fans!

    A wise man once said, a man is a product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes. I am sure most of you won't even come remotely close to understanding the meaning of these wise words. However for those of you smart enough, it simply means that for years now you have always portrayed yourself as losers, i know this wasn't the case before Moratti but the man has cursed you forever thats why today in 2007 and after all it happened i am telling you that you guys are the most pathetic bunch of fans ever and your club is FOR A FACT a laughing stock all over the world.

    The only forum you'd join and find dumb threads like i hate Milan and Vaffanculo Juventus is the Inter forum, because simply you have nothing better to say and have nothing of late to be proud of instead of moaning like a bunch of women on their period about everything, and blaming every single person for your own failures. Hell you are the biggest bunch of hypocrites i have ever came across in my life, you guys remember how Inter fan used to hate Ibrahimovic with a passion when he was at Juventus? how you guys you used to moan that he is an arrogant clown who's good at nothing except stepping on other players, how you called him a dirty prick (Though you have Materazzi) and all that? look at you today wanking over him and worshiping him? thats hypocrisy at it's best.

    Now come the tough question that you always avoid answering by replying with a bunch of insults, what did your club ever do to Italian football? Juventus had the strongest presence in the world cup of 1982 and had a very strong presence only equaled by Milan in 2006, hell we had a presence in the other finalists France, where were your players? oh they were home playing play station and celebrating their paper scudetto.

    The funny thing is that before this game alot of you say that you want to put us back in our place yet this is the first time in 20 years you come playing against us as favorites, however even if this wasn't the case for the sake of argument, i would love us to be put back in our place, because our place by records and stats, history, physics, biology, and even astronomy is the top of the top, the club who won it all, more than anyone, the club who got their first star, the club with 29 scudettos, for the sake of it make it 27, the club where the best Italian players played, the club who were there in 82 and 2006. Our place was and will always be above you FACT.

    Last question before i leave, was it moggi who hired Mancini? was it Moggi who made you choke all these years? i mean come on guys, even Lazio won the league once and i am sure with all that money you spent you must have had better chances than both Lazio and Roma, hell even Sampdoria won it in 91, who's to blame there? put your head in the sand and reply with a bunch of insults as always because i am sure no one here dares to reply. You will probably say Vaffanculo Juve or Jube or whatever nickname you came up with, well VAFFANCULO INTER, and oh i hate Milan but i respect them, and they respect us, you will never be as big as us or even them. Oh before i go i will quote the words of a great Interista:

    Former Inter legend Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was unimpressed at his old club’s Italian League title celebrations. “To see Inter with the Scudetto on the shirt is a strange feeling,” said the Bayern Munich supremo. “I believe that if you do not win on the field it is not a true Scudetto. It made me laugh when Inter Coach Roberto Mancini described how happy he was to have won a title.”
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    for the sake of monkeys, please no one post anything in this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaffanculo Juve View Post
    Last question before i leave, ....
    Bye ...

    (Don't want to debate on the same topic again and again)

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    Um... ok and bye nice user name btw mate...

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    Rummenigge called your club a bunch of mafiosi. So I think thats all that needs to be said on this.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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    How stupid heh...someone has been drinking last night, go get some sleep kid.
    GRANDE INTER, Amore Mio!

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    Open messege to Vaffanculo Jube:
    -------Fark Off------------------

    i see that your favourite players are from Jube and BBilan.
    Jube=Scum from turin

    Well, looking at your history, you always were involved in this, and then that so my Question is," How can you seperate two scum?"
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    I think it's him that's on his period lol, just shows how small and petty these fans are, they can't handle the fact that they can't cheat their way into wining anymore, so they come and bitch here funny stuff, that post made my day
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    Hell are we hell a bit hell schizofrenic hell eh? Hell, hell, hell.

    Hell. Nice hell nickname btw. Hell, I'd love to hell have that for hell's sake.
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    Regarding that nickname...

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    3 years later.

    Spot on with the nickname. Vaffanculo Juve.

    And it is truly a great video Devious

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    what a pathetic post. im not a fan of biased fans that act like they arent fucking delusional. pointing out double standarsd is fine, but he and juve fans do the exact smae thing with their players so its a total disgrace. what the fuck does he expect? inter fans should have held pitchforks at zlatan? what the actual fuck? how would juve fans react today if icardi moved to juve and scored 30 goals? they would jizz all over him. what if pogba moved here? likewise they would go fucking mental. he thinks tribal rivalries should be the most important thing to an fan? not the love of football or the club, but the hate?

    i also dont appreciate how this fucktard says "hell even samp lazio roma won it" like those werent amazing record breaking sides. we were terribly mismanaged but trying to say that the others that did well were not that good is retarded and straight up uninformed. anyways lazio nearly spent themselves into bankruptcy. it was an incredibly competitive serie a.

    i love how he doesn't even try to say juve werent cheating or moggi is innocent, that moratti palyed a big role in calciopoli etc. instead he says inter were shit so we wouldnt have won anyways. like that makes a difference.

    what has inter done for italian football? helenio herrera is the reason the league became so tactical, his tactics helped give italian football its defensive identity. this nutcase also forgets that the longest serving italy captain was giacinto facchetti, the same man slandered by juve's very own luciano moggi. and italys first TWO world cup wins may have had a lot of juve players, but were built entirely around the genius of giuseppe meazza. he also captained them to their second win. materazzi was also such a big factor in the final. and in the 1970 italy world cup team that reached the final before losing out to peles brazil, there were ZERO juve players on the pitch.

    juve may be the most successful team in serie a, but i consider inter to be mroe prestigious because of our achievements in europe. milan's dominance in europe only came in the 90s and for clsoe to half their history they won absolutely nothing. honestly one day i hope that inter and juve can try to put the rivalries behind them and both admit their mistakes, but these are the kinds of dogs that will make sure that will never happen.

    replying to an 8 year old post
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    Quote Originally Posted by bandiera View Post
    replying to an 8 year old post
    Classic Bandiera.

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