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Thread: Holiday Season

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    Holiday Season

    Hello, all. I've been feeling pretty down these past few weeks and have got absolutely no place to vent. I think it is because the Christmas season is upon us and I have so many good memories. With college and all, most of my close friends are away and since I'm commuting locally, I'm away from them.

    In September I lost my grandfather, he was 87 years old. He was my hero. Growing up, was always my best friend. Living in Haiti, he was the one who got me into loving the game of football. In fact, he's the reason why I adore Calcio -- he was Italian. Living in Miami, I have only one aunt who goes away to New York for Christmas because that's where all my family lives. My mother does not have the courage to make the trip, and I totally understand her.

    Last Christmas, it was the first without his wife, my grandmother. She past away in April of 2006. My life has changed so much since the age of seventeen (I am now 19 since August). I would have never imagine this would happen to me and I just want to remind you guys this Holiday season to really enjoy it because it could be your last with just about anybody.

    I really hope no one thinks I'm sobing around or anything. Worst shit happens to other people, y'know. Just helps me to write when I have stuff bottled in.

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    hope it all goes along ok for u G-tan...

    Only just starting to think about xmas this year, not got round to presents or anything yet.

    Decided to spend the first bit in England (up til 26th) then to Italia on 26th or 27th and hopefully spend the new year celebrations in Bologna/Modena

    Something different anyway
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