Rules Regarding Posting of Match Results

1) Matches involving Inter will be discussed in the Official Match Topic for that week. Match Topics will be marked as something similiar to - Serie A 4th Week - Inter VS Parma (Scores Inside). In that way, all official talk for that match will only be inside this thread. Scores and scorers can be discussed in this thread but no where else for a window of a day. This is to benefit posters who are watching the game delayed and do not wish to know of the scorelines or scorers in the other forums.

2) Matches not involving Inter, but are Italian games playing on the same weekend will be discussed in the Official Match Topic for other Serie A games for that week. The topics will be named - Serie A 7th Week - Other Matches (Scores Inside). Like the above, all official chat for Serie A games for that particular weekend will be discussed in that thread and no other place for the courtesy of our posters.

3) All these threads also apply to the Champions League games. Obviously Inter Champions League games will be similiarly marked as - Champions League 2nd Round - Inter VS Barcelona (Scores Inside). Matches of other teams played on that same day will be discussed in the appropriately named threads in the Champions League forum.

4) All threads involving matches will now have a (Scores Inside) displayed next to the thread title. This is to inform all users that the discussions inside contain match scores and scorers. This is to benefit newbies especially.

5) All moderators and administrators will play our part and take an active role in watching out for posts regarding scores which are not placed in their appropriate threads. Posters who come across these such posts not in their proper places should report them to moderators or administrators as soon as possible. We will then take the necessary actions (moving the posts to the threads that they belong).

6) We will take a lenient stance for now for all users following this rule. However, we hope that you will be accustomed to our match topic discussions soon enough. This is to benefit all Forza Inter Forums posters and to ensure that everybody will have a fantastic experience here.