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Thread: Roberto Carlos Dreams of Return!!

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    Roberto Carlos Dreams of Return!!


    Roberto Carlos dreams of return Sunday 15 August, 2004


    Roberto Carlos’ departure remains one of Inter fans’ biggest regrets, but the Brazilian admits he’d love the chance to wear the Nerazzurri jersey again.

    “One day I would love to play for Inter again,” stated the fullback. “I left many good friends behind in Milan. We will have to wait and see what happens.”

    Roberto Carlos was a fans’ favourite, but released to Real Madrid after just one season on the orders of then-Coach Roy Hodgson.

    “The Italian Championship is wonderful and very competitive,” he continued. “I have many happy memories of Serie A and still support Inter. I really hope this can be their year and with that squad at their disposal should go all the way in every competition.”

    His return to the San Siro has been suggested several times over the intervening years and he is not about to pour cold water on those rumours.

    “I can never forget President Massimo Moratti and all the sacrifices he makes to help Inter. Right now I am concentrating on achieving Real Madrid’s objectives, but who knows what tomorrow holds.”

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    he's gonna be too old when he leaves madrid...
    so we don't need him..
    I dont mind him coming if he slashed his wage and play as pasquale's back up...

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    Its a shame that he was left go. If he was still around we probably wouldn't have had the LWB problems that have haunted the side for the past few seasons. Though I doubt he will be coming any time soon unless he becomes a free agent

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    No comment...
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    Anyway, this should be discussed in the Transfer Rumours Thread. Hence, closed!


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