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    Nike deal

    Inter To Extend Lucrative Nike Deal Serie A leaders Inter's economical future has been given a boost by the news that the deal with Nike will earn the club even more money after 2009.

    If anyone was wondering how long Inter's winning cycle will last, latest news regarding their sponsorship deals suggest that, in any case, their economic future is already assured.

    The club's contract with Nike, which previously ran until 30 June 2009, was worth around 9 million euros a season. The next one will run ten years, and it will be worth more than any other contract ever agreed between the American sports brand and a football club (not counting the Brazilian national team).

    It should be an amount between 12 and 14 million euros a season, which in total would earn the club around 140 million euros. With an increment of about 50 percent compared to the current contract, Nike sees president Massimo Moratti's club as a brand of the future and the right one to invest in to generate good business through football.

    This means that currently Inter are considered an important and strategic brand to invest in as much as the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Juventus.
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    i feel more solvent already
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    Money where Sandrodiosi easily had could wipe the ass of azz off, till it was glimming again.
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    he was one win away from a treble, so i wouldn't argue with his testicle oriented man-management techniques

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    The biggest contract between Nike and any club!!!..thats farkin amazing. However I see ManU and Arsenal getting bigger ones when they are renewed

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