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    Has somebody subscribed to this IPTV Channel? I came over it today and it looks promising. 50 Bucks for all Serie A Games Live.... I just wanted to know, how good or bad the quality is....Thanks for your advice
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    I have. I watched 5 games so far with them. I purchased the first 2 individually, & then I got the Season Pass when they put in for sale for 50%.

    I'd say I'll give them rating of 9 out of 10. So far I only got like 3 minutes blackout on 1 of the match. But the rest always worked fine.

    If u live outside Italy & US, you can also watch Coppa. Depends on how much you can get from TV. For me, it's totally worth it. Although I don't get Coppa, that kinda sucks!

    Also depends on how big your comp screen & how good the resolution are. I have 62' TV screen @ home, so at first it's so uncomfortable to stare at 17' laptop. Everything looks so small but hey, u gotta do what u gotta do.

    Oh, & also read the FAQ about the tech requirements. I mean so far I have not encountered any problem playing the licensed stuff, but that's because I had that problem before w/ legal music download, & I got it solved. So u might wanna make sure u'll do just fine w/ that, otherwise it'll be totally worthless.

    Let me know if u have any more questions
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    Any links to the site??? When I type in nothing comes up

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