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    Paul Ince

    QA: Paul Ince

    The Inter Milan job could be available in the summer. Have you applied yet?

    Iím not sure it is now. Iím devastated because Roberto Mancini has changed his mind and decided heís going to stay. My eyes did open up wide when he said he was going, but Iíve got another two years years left on my contract at MK Dons.

    But youíll get there one day?

    Definitely. As a player you have ambitions, you want to play for the biggest clubs and your country and itís the same for managers. Hopefully, one day Iíll manage Inter Milan. The fans there love me and I love them.

    So, you wonít be applying for the United job when Sir Alex Ferguson steps down?

    In an ideal world, if someone offers you a job in the Premier League then youíre not going to turn it down, but I donít want to be one of those managers whoís in the game for 20 or 30 years. Itís going to be ten or 15 years maximum for me. Iíve got a wife and kids and I spent so much time away from them as a player that I donít want to do that as manager.

    How many of those ten or 15 years are going to be spent at MK Dons?

    Thereís been a few situations with other clubs, but I came here to do a job and thereís still a lot to do. Itís not just getting out of League Two, itís then getting out of League One ó that could take two years, or it could take five.

    What kind of manager are you?

    Iím my own man. I donít want people to say that Iím a Fergie-type manager or a Hoddle-type manager. Paul Ince is Paul Ince, heís got his own style of management. People thought I was mad when I went to Macclesfield Town. They thought, because I was a big name, I should put my feet up and wait for a big club, but Paul Ince is not like that. Paul Ince, the footballer is gone, this is a new chapter in my life.

    Looking forward to leading your team out at Wembley on Sunday in the Johnstoneís Paint Trophy final?

    Too right. I havenít even been yet. I went Christmas shopping in London a couple of months ago and I drove past it, but I never envisaged that Iíd be going there as a manager this season.

    West Ham United, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Liverpool ó whose results do you look for first?

    Havenít got a clue. I played for so many bloody teams that Iím always looking out for results.

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    He wants to coach us?

    Was he on crack?

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    Marcy whats the purpose of the thread.

    Ince is smoking pretty good stuff, if he actually gave this interview. There are atleast a minimum of 135,685 coaches, that I would consider before even thinking about Ince. And I am not even kidding.

    I really find it funny, on how he says he is devastated that Mancini is saying, as if he truly believes, he would have landed Inter's job had Mancini gone, or is Ince being sarcastic, even though it surely doesnt look like that.

    Oh boy, the coach of Macaasfield (or however the f-ck it is spelt) thinking about Inter, have we really sunk this low?

    People do talk a lot about Ince, cuase he was our last Britisher player. He was by no means a flop, but I hardly consider a player who has played only 2 season with us, a legend.
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    To label him an Inter legend is just silly. However Ince was loved by the fans and Moratti for what he did on the pitch week in week out. Also nothing wrong with having ambitions Anyway he has a long way to go in order to fulfil that dream of his.
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    don't he have a thread about him in former inter players already?

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