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Thread: No al calcio moderno

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    No al calcio moderno

    Really, looking at the game now, it is a shame how it had become corporatized and buisnessized and how the beautiful game had started to decline even though I am for some points in this
    This is one one of the best articles I have ever read regarding calcio moderno and I am 90% behind this mindset, the reason not 100 is because even though bsiness is now into football too much, the money is needed to grow talent and make football reach its global audience

    Another point is that, pace and physical attributes are important and have added to the beauty of the game with the exception of the over dependence on them nowadays, and because they are relied on too much, they have taken the place of skills and talent which is both positive but very very much negative.

    The main reason for me hating modern football is the increase of corporation of the game and the replacement of true talents to wrestlers and body builders who use their bodies more than their heads in football

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    Contra Calcio moderno!!!

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    non al calcio moderna

    Was just discussing this with a friend recently, how watching 90's football was much more enjoyable than the boring games u see today.

    Yes I agree with pretty much all of the article too, it's probably the reason I never liked an English club team.

    And as for the media control etc over here, it's reaching ridiculous points, games moved to tuesdays, thursdays, mondays - all times it's hard to get to the grounds.

    It just feels like they're turning football into a business, not a sport
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    No al calcio moderno

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    As long as Milan are choking and we're miles ahead of the gobbi then I don't care about how enjoyable or boring Serie A is.

    It would be nice to have both, but let's not be too greedy, because watching Milan going downhill worthes alot.
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    Lets take this from a neutral's point not an inter fan approach ok?

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    Diving. Just get rid of it and all will be mickey mouse.

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    What about the fact that football is becoming more ike wrestling just a tad more every year, I mean look at how many long term injuries we and other top flight clubs have to endure in the past 5 seasons at least

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    There is something that is bothering me but can't find anywhere to put it in writing so I think this is a proper place

    Now I have been a minor big advocate of clbs with supporters' bases and against Calcio Moderno, the business end of football, and this is evident in Egypt by having 6 corporate clubs and 3 Military and police teams in the 16 club Etisalat Egyptian Premier League. Although PetroJet, a corporate club has managed to accumelate a fan base in Suez, Asiut Petroleum just because they play in upper Egypt which is only represented by one club each season, and Ghazl El Mahal who has its true fan base, and even once won the league title in the 50's, but any other team does not have a fans base at all, including Arab Contractors and they have a rich history in Egyptian football, winning the league, the first Egyptian club to qualify to the African Champions League and beating both Ahly and Zamalek for the Egyptian Cup and Super Cup as well.

    The problem is that these teams can't be overtunred now because the likes of ENPPI, PetroJet, Haras El Hodood, Al Geish, Mahal and Arab Contractors have been making history by great performances in the league and in the African competitions, this has to be "countered" by an enrichment scheme for popular clubs with supporter bases coming from downstairs like Mansoura, Ben Suef and such clubs to make the competitions exciting as it is right now, but with fans as well to create an atmosphere.

    There is no doubt that Egyptian corporate, military and police teams with money have been an absolute + for Egyptian football, but they are in essence destroying the soul of football, the fans, as such I loved the words of Sameh Fahmy, the brother of Egyptian Petroleum Minister and the head of the Petroleum Sports Board, Lagnet Al Reyadeiyya Al Uliyya le wezaret el petrol, when on the phone with Medhat Shalaby's Stade Masr on Modern Sports channel that the board is already in discussion about the possible investment and sponsorship of supporter-based clubs in order to increase the flow of fans in the stadiums of Egypt because th fan culture has increased in Egypt ever since the CAN Egypt 2006, and with the addition of the organised fan group and the introduction of the ultras movement in Egypt. You can see it in matches between fan based clubs in the league. I also liked his word, "nankamesh", to get smaller, refering to the growing number of corporate clubs affecting football's fan base in stadiums in the League. Well at least they are acknoweldging it, so I have become more optomistic ISA.

    If sponsorship is opened in Egypt for clubs with supporters who are mostly broke, this will signal a new era of football in Egypt and one of increased fan bases and counts, but unfortunatly that will only be an enhancment of corporate football, damn it. Still, I think that's the way to go, sadly.

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    I won't jump in the discussion. But could the title been changed? It's "Contro il calcio moderno" or "No al calcio moderno"

    There is also an Italian website about this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karim View Post
    Lets take this from a neutral's point not an inter fan approach ok?
    Impossible, some of us only care about Inter and don't give a crap about the rest. As long as Inter is good I don't care about the rest.

    I like modern football. I see nothing wrong with football being run like a business. If it wasn't it would die out.
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    I can't decide on that matter. I know because of all this money football as a spectacle improved a lot in recent years, but it doesn't feel the same anymore. I was too young in the 90's to experience the true die-hard fans enthusiasm but it felt different standing in the curva nord. In recent years there are much less flares in the stands and the singing and everything...the atmosphere in the stadiums just isn't the same. I remember going to Milan at least once a month when I was a kid and it was always great....nowadays it's a fucking procedure to even get a ticket...there are almost no flares, the chants are sung only 2 or 3 times and there are minutes of silence....I liked it better before. I dont care if we lose to EPL clubs for the next 100 years in the CL, as long as the atmosphere in the stadium is right-
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