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Thread: "Sexmision" -classic 1989 polish movie(Comedy) - Recomended by Luka!!!

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    "Sexmision" -classic 1984 polish movie(Comedy) - Recomended by Luka!!!

    Ok, so I gave a hint to shahz about this movie, but it seems he forgot about it, or couldn't get it anywhere.

    So, when I watched it couple of days ago(5th, or 6th time), I was again so into this movie, that I did the following:

    1. I download english subtitles, and corrected them myself throught the movie, as many of them were way off, and didn't exactly gave away the right meaning(and humour also).
    2. When I put this work into those subtitles I thought, it isn't fair only for shahz to enjoy this movie
    3. Put the DVD-Rip of the movie and the subtitles inside the .zip archive and upload it whithin
    4. Wrote this post, so some of you, who won't be too turned off by the year of this movie, or that it isn't in english, some of you that will be convinced through recomandation, will enjoy this movie as many people(not polish) enjoyed it a lot also.

    My opinion, or other polish person could be subjective, so here is a link to imdb site, and you can read a lot of peoples(danish, russian, americans, english, canadian - yeah shahz there is your fellow countryman also :>, australian!, person from Hong-Kong, french, and many more), opinions who thought this comedy is simply great.

    Take a look:

    So... if somebody has a 2 hours of spare time some evening, and a bowl of popcorn or chips, and want to see this IMO great comedy here is a link to the file I uploaded:

    ps. I forgot to say what is the movie about :>

    It is about 2 men who are getting frozen for couple of years, through which they are suppose to help developing this technology and through which, help the mankind.
    What is their suprise, when they wake up, and see where they end up in...
    This is a cult polish movie, and definetly one in the top 3 of all polish movies in history.
    ps2. There is a lot of nudity, if you won't consider it as a porno movie, but rather a ordinary one :> so this is a warning for anybody not having 18 years old.
    ps3. Shahz, I'm anxious to hear your opinion about it man. :>

    I hope you'll all enjoy the movie!
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    Seeing the high praise and recommendations I guess I will surely give it a shot.

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