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Thread: Article 17/Webster clause

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    Article 17/Webster clause

    Ok guys. If you want to discuss the rule and whether it's good or not we can do it here instead of the Hleb thread.

    I have already said what I want to say on it. I see nothing wrong with it since it doesn't hurt Inter much. It creates more opportunities for us and I don't care for the small clubs.
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    Stef, I don't agree with your stance. I am happy it doesn't hurt Inter now but you never know in the long term.

    And I would like seeing the smaller
    teams compete more. Maybe other rules need to be changed like giving more of a share of tv rights to smaller clubs in Serie A

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    I don't support it as it will cause a massive increase in the already sky-high wages. Also, it will not be good for football if all the same teams in every country occupy the top 4 spots. Soon we will have identical qfs in CL every year, because no smaller teams stand a chance.
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