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    Hello all what's going on?

    I was here reading about other Interistas opinions and I decided to join myself up as well.

    I'm a Italian-American 15 years of age living in the NorthEast here in Connecticut.

    As I was in the cradle my Pappa said that I was watching the games with him. Though I'm fairly young I do know of a great deal of the Nerazzuri from the 20th Century.

    I'm a die hard fan of Inter and many other sports teams I'm a die hard sports fan I guess you can say sports is my sanctuary I love everything about sports

    Love American Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Golf. Love poker is poker a sport Idk lol I consider it to be though. I consider myself to be an expert in these sports sorry if I sound cocky I just know the way crap runs in them I guess. You name it I love it I play it and watch it anything besides tennis, volleyball, and hockey. However none of these sports compares to the passion of Football or Soccer I have. What I do know is I'm looking forward to getting my knowledge to a higher level of the true past of Inter as being so young hard to experience La Grande Inter in the 60's for example and if someone can teach me now that would be fantastic.

    Anyways like I said decided to join up on here by far the best Inter forums I've experienced. Was sick of the Italians on other forums though no offense to any other Italian I'm 100% Italian just the other forums have a lot of arrogant people and I got sick of reading their nonsense. Ya I speak Italian very well I understand better then I can speak it so reading I'm an expert on it like I see a couple are on here as well. I see on here we got a few characters as well that's very good to see different opinions is what I'm trying to get from this experience.

    Well sorry for that long read for you guys well ya thats me in a nutshell I guess you could say look forward to sharing opinions with all of you have a good one now.

    Ex93-Be Easy

    P.S. I'm a nice humble guy, don't like disrespect so youll have no problems from me sorry if you didn't get that impression from this as you probably didn't.
    Be Easy.

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    Welcome bud. Keep posting!

    Everything a man should be. We miss you Cipe.

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    That surely is the longest intro mail I have seen. Welcome mate

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    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy it and keep posting. Just watch out for shaz and helal.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
    Jose responding after the derby:"We could only have lost by having six people on the park, as even with seven, we would have won. "
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    welcome and enjoy ur stay

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    That's a great introducion, indeed. Welcome !

    From what I read, you seem very nice person, and very logical, and only 15 years old. That's something that isn't so often to be seen.

    I enjoy your style of writing, very direct, so keep posting!

    ps.The guys in school don't pick up on you? As far as I know European football, is considered a sissy game in US, aint that right ?
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