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    Quote Originally Posted by Howl View Post
    Iv'e always loved dbz, but super dissapointed me so much. Waiting all those years for this.. It's all light hearted and the seriousness has been taken out of it. No matter how much I try, I cant like the new characters or storylines.

    Spoiler: last saga 
    I like it when they actually write a proper arc and not just pointless fights/tournaments. I loved the Trunks Arc. Goku Black was my favourite villain ever. Nozawa knocked that shit out of the park. Also that Trunks arc was not really light hearted. That was actually even darker than the original Trunks arc, and that was quite dark to begin with.

    There were/are 4 major arcs that are just fights with barely any plot, and 1 proper arc. That's really dull. No matter how great the characters are, it's pretty predictable.
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    I agree the trunks arc was the best but i just cant get used to it, or enjoy it no matter how much I try.. And most of DBZ was way darker/serious.

    There's a little too much joking around, and making Vegeta look like a bitch to all these gods the way he acts That shit never happened in Z and thats what I liked.

    The fact that Saiyans are nothing anymore compared to all these gods, that look like bunnys, miniature robots and clowns
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