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Thread: The day you started supporting Inter

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    The day i support and choose Inter was the day when i found out that Bilan, Rube were a joke club (serie B) and club like Real, Barca and other BPL teams were not participant in Serie A (Best League in the world)

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    *looks at name*


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed. View Post
    So, you are the reason Liverpool disease is spreading to us.
    Isn't there a user with 'YNWA' in his username and Suarez as his avatar? Blame him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icardi<3 View Post
    Isn't there a user with 'YNWA' in his username and Suarez as his avatar? Blame him.
    He has coutinho in it last time i saw

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    I thought it would be fun to know when I4E started supporting Inter, then I remembered its in the bible somewhere.
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    Inter Will Not Qualify For The Champions League

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    Must have the been around 2001-2002 when I had visited Napoli with the family. Me and my bro watched a pre-season tournament with Inter, Milan and Juventus. One team would play the other for 45 minutes then swap for the next team to play. Basically three matches played and three halves. Anyway, I chose Inter to win the tournament (and they did) and my bro chose to support Juventus. My bro must have learnt quickly how merda Juventus are since it was just a year after that he began to support Chelsea insread.

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    I was a 10-11 years old when seria A attracted my attention. First team i liked back then was Parma (94-95), mainly because of Zola. He was my favorite player but i also liked very much Brolin and Branca. Next season, our biggest star Stoichkov went in Prma and i was fuckin happy but one another team catched my eye and have replaced Parma in my heart - Inter. I don't know why, but i felt a pain every time when Inter were down and was crazy happy every win with. My favorite players this season (95-96) were Pagliuca, Zanetti, Bergomi, Carlos, Ince, Branca and Ganz. Next season in Inter came another of my icons - Youri Djorkaeff and it was over, Inter became my team forever.
    I remember now, how a i cried like a baby when we lost this season 3-4 at home against Sampdoria. This loss devastated me but make my belief in the team stronger. I used to hate Smap , 5-6 years since then thou.
    Fucking Mancini....

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    Might be my first thread here, how the fuck did you find it, dynasty one?
    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    I'm just going to assume Spalletti thinks that young, attacking players like Karamoh and Lautaro are like laser guns in video games, or kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z - the longer you hold down the trigger and charge them, the more power they fire with. That's why he waits until the 88th minute to bring them on. If he gives them more time, they'll be weak. He's charging them up for 80+ minutes for bigger impact in those last 120 seconds. pew pew.

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