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Thread: The Legend of Dino Drpic.

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    The Legend of Dino Drpic.

    A CROATIAN soccer star has been slapped on the transfer list after his Playboy model wife revealed they'd had sex on the pitch where his team beat England.

    Defender Dino Drpic, 27, romped on the centre spot of the ground.
    His stunning wife Nives Celsius even told how the kinky couple asked staff to keep the floodlights ON during their midnight sex session.
    Stunning glamour model Nives revealed the pair had romped on the pitch where England were later trounced 2-0 in the crucial Euro 2008 qualifier.
    But Drpic's bosses have hit the roof following the shock confession and put the star up for sale.
    Lie back and think of how we beat England ... Dino

    They were fuming when Nives revealed details of the romp on a Serbian TV chat show.
    She said: "Dino had arranged that people should turn on the stadium lights for us and he finally fulfilled his dream of having sex in the middle of a football pitch.
    "It was very naughty."
    Nives landed her hubby in troubled as she promoted her book about her life as a model, called The Naked Truth.

    Can we pls get him? We need a gutsy player, who can be imaginative for us, when opposition is reading us well. And seriously whats more gutsy and imaginative then having sex in the middle of a football pitch, and letting your friends watch you?.

    I mean, I do fantasize of having sex in kinky places, with the weirdest of them being on top of CN tower, but man, in the middle of a football stadium!!!, thats just creativity right there.

    Not to big on the voyeurism part though, unless ofcourse its her friends watching.
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    Good jop Dino .

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    Dino is my hero. Thank heavens people like him exist.

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    Bbilan will now sign him. He will sell more jerseys.

    Everything a man should be. We miss you Cipe.

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    Fuck him, so what if he is big in Croatia now?
    So is Severina...

    ...too much competition boy, too much competition.

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    bobooooo (until

    do you even know the story?

    a couple of years back dinamo players had an orgy with the croatian jordan (katie price) nives celzijus and some other playboy girls and dino drpic actually married her.

    now when the media somewhat lost interest in them he talked her (or the other way round) into having sex in the stadium, so that they would be in the spotlight again. sad really
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    finally gone.. loaned to karlshrue, with an option to buy at the end of the season..

    He could have become a great (but not world class) defender, he stopped only at good..

    Too many scandals with Nives, but his main problem was gambling.. He owes to every 'big man' in croatian mafia.. I even saw him once in my city.. Rumour has it that he blew 300 000 € that day..

    Anyway, at least he was a true Bad blue boy.. Good luck Dino..
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    Dinos is scum, hopeto see him in Bundesliga 3. next year
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