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Thread: FIFA and Irish FA Experiment Sin-Bin

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    It will be very interesting to see how this works, something has to be done to the current system. Too many players commiting cynical fouls and taking the yellow card, this will make them think twice.

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    Even I found the idea stupid. But then one thing in there makes sense. "The team against which the foul is made should gain something from it, and not other teams who will face later on." Not a bad idea surely.

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    Do they really want to turn football to ballet?

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    bobooooo (until

    hell no!!!

    it wouldnt work in italy, coz the referees are too biased. for this kind of system to work you need very fair referees otherwise it turns into a fucking joke (like the austrian hockey league). with these rules it isn't that easy for a referee to show a red card, wjile they throw yellows around like candys. we'd play just with 8 men in the finish of the derby
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    Totally against it.
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    If this happens, forget about the glorious combacks in the final seconds of the game inwhich everyone is fighting for the ball and inwhich fouls are committed which are yellow-carded.

    The idea is good, but I think it is better to keep the ongoing system rather than change it to that. This means that players will not get a first chance in this new system, an automatic expulsion for a period of time means a change of momentum in a high-adrenaline game.

    Refs have the power to assert their authority from the beginning of the game, the first hint of a bad tackle early on gets yellow carded, or even a not-so-serious tackle can get yellow carded and the players will know that this guy means business, that works most of the time, OHH where art thou Colina??

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    It works in hockey and it's great, wouldn't mind seeing it. Ten minutes it too much though, and it might open up the play.

    The problem would then be what merits a yellow card and a stint at the sin bin.

    I say if you commit a foul after a yellow, you are off for 5 min; next foul, you are red carded.

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    5 minutes in football is a lot

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    And what did that possibly have to do with this topic? (Nevermind, the guy that posted it deleted the Chinese joke thing.)

    Either way back to the topic, this rule seems fair but very complicated, it would also kill us since we have developed a very muscly way to win matches, resulting in us playing pretty tough and getting a lot of yellow cards, two seasons ago anyone? We had the record for the most yellow cards in a season.
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