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Thread: England vs Italy

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    England vs Italy


    ALL so true, including my last statement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karim View Post


    ALL so true, including my last statement
    All Mediterranean nations are more and less same, i guess.
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    My favourite ones.

    9) In England, if SKY Sports says that Peter Crouch is the best player in the world, the whole country believes and preaches it. In Italy, if SKY Italia says that Simone Loria is the best defender on the planet, the whole nation cancels their satellite subscription

    13) In England, a bad referee is incompetent. In Italy, a bad referee is corrupt.

    27) In Italy, politics is a matter of life and death depending on which side of the fence you are on. In England it is not as important as 'Big Brother', a show where a bunch of talentless nobodies do nothing all day.

    30) In Italy, TV babes include Juliana Moreira, Ilary Blasi, Christina Chiabotto, Ilaria D’Amico and Michelle Hunziker, to name just a handful. In England it's Jordan or Jody Marsh.

    A couple more from me.

    In Italy if you wanna watch a bunch of retards running around mindlessly, you take your friends out to a desert and pop them a couple of ecstasy pills. In England, you go watch an EPL game.

    In Italy, people actually take prescription pills if they suffer from insomnia, in England they just go to an EPL game.
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