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Thread: I need someone to buy me something from eBay please

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    I need someone to buy me something from eBay please

    I need to buy an unlock code for my BlackBerry from eBay. They sell it for US$1.88 there and I would have bought it myself if PayPal isn't being SUCH A FUCKING BITCH. (Pardon the French)

    I can't add my credit cardS for some reason, they kept rejecting them and I'm just desperate. If I buy it from any other sources, it's gonna cost about 10-15 times more, no joke.

    So yes, is anyone kind enough to help a fellow Interista? All you need to do is buy the item and give my IMEI number and BB pin to the seller and he will e-mail you the instruction. I've done it before for my girlfriend but that was back in the US and I had no problems with my US credit card. I have closed that US account since I've moved back to Indonesia for good.

    Please help!

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    Han can you give me URL of that, to make order, let me try first

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    Many international bank accounts (especially Asian) block transaction to some sites due to its easiness to buy/purchase and many stolen credit cards being used up there. You'll have to check with your bank (or CCard company).

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