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Thread: Intercontinental Cup 1964 - INTER v INDEPENDIENTE

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    Intercontinental Cup 1964 - INTER v INDEPENDIENTE

    Hey guys, I just found the highlights of this match, and wanted to share with you. The upload will be done in mediafire, and hopefully there will be no corruption this time.
    Date: 26-09-1964
    Place played in: Santiago Bernabeo(Madrid)
    Referee: Ortiz de Mandebil (Spain)

    .NOTE: There is a spoiler in the bottom, it can be ingored easly between.

    Inter: Giuliano Sarti, Armando Picchi, Giacinto Facchetti, Saul Malatrasi, Aristide Guarneri, Carlo Tagnin, Angelo Domenghini, Joaqim Peiró, Aurelio Milani, Luis Suárez, Mario Corso.

    Independiente: Miguel Ángel Santoro, Juan Carlos Guzmán, Raúl Decaría, José Andrés Paflik, David Acevedo, Jorge Alberto Maldonado, Raúl Emilio Bernao, Pedro Prospitti, Luis Ernesto Suárez, Mario Rodríguez, Raúl Armando Savoy.

    | DivX | 352x264 | 25 fps | 1001 kbps avg | 0h 21m 15s |

    Download Mediafire - Part 1
    Download Mediafire - Part 2

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