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Thread: Books on Serie A & Inter

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    Books on Serie A & Inter

    I searched a bit for a thread specifically on Books on Italian Football & Inter, but didn't find I thought I'll ask the other guys through a thread
    (if this topic already exists, sorry for creating a duplicate)....

    I have been reading this book by John Foot- "Winning at all costs".
    And I wanted to know if you guys could suggest some other good books to read on serie A, Italian Football and Inter...
    I had heard of this other book titled "Calcio" by the same author.
    Can you'll post some other english books...

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    Unfortunately most books on Inter are in Italian.

    I've been meaning to get both those books by John Foot but never got a chance. Saw some good reviews for them.

    I can highly recommend "The Italian Job" by Gianluca Vialli. It has a lot of good content and makes many good points, even if I don't agree with some of them. I think it's a must read for any fan of Serie A and football in general.

    If anyone knows any English books specifically about Inter please let me know, as I've been searching for ages.

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    You can read "Schaduwen van San Siro" (Shadows of San Siro) and "Mijn Inter" (My Inter).

    They're both by David Endt, but I don't think they're not in English.
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