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Thread: Inter - Chievo Report

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    Inter - Chievo Report

    Hello Interfriends,

    Inter find a way to plug the leak which is causing the ship to sink but cannot go past a 0-0 result at home against Chievo. The result at least avoids 5 consecutive losses in Serie A. Despite some signs of life especially in the first half, Inter are finding it hard to put the ball in the back of then net, now that the defence is able to keep the ball out of our goal. Ironic as it may seem but this is the story of Inter. When something is working, something else is not.

    With almost half the squad out of the lineup due to injury or suspension, Zac decides to give Lamouchi a rare start in midfield along side Stakovic, J. Zanetti and Kily. Karagounis makes his first league start behind Vieri and a once again disappointing Adriano. Inter start the match very well and it is credit to the movement of Karagounis. Although he cannot solve all the midfield problems his aggressive running and positive movement on and off the ball gave Inter outlets and allowed Inter to move forward with play rather than long balls.

    Up front Vieri seemed to be up for the match as he played well in the middle and tried to link with Adriano who moved around him but the player who was tearing up defences in the first half of the season seems now slow, predictable and although he tried to work with Vieri his missed passes caused more fustration than benefit.

    Inter do have the full run of play and the effort put forth was evident although limited. They played the ball central with Lamouchi trying to find the passes and Stankovic running into space. The problem is the lack of width and the style of play always favored the organized Chievo who lined up well on defence and kept Vieri and Adriano with there back to goal.

    Despite the sparatic play Inter did create various chances although none were really clear cut. Vieri had a few chances but shot wide while Karagounis was busy in the midfield and tried to attack the Chievo defence head on. He did well to gain many free kicks in offensive positions. With Lamouchi firing high, Stankovic just missing his free kick, Karagounis had the best chance of the half but he saw his well taken free kick hit the crossbar making the first half a 0-0 draw.

    The second half begins with much of the same from Inter. Ball possesion but lack of movement and now tired legs allowed Chievo to come back into the match as they advanced with counter-attack play to try and catch Inter on the break. Once again sparatic play caused the Inter team to be disjointed but despite it all with players like Vieri on the pitch a goal could always be created.

    Vieri tried on various occasions and when he strikes a half volley towards the top corner Marchegiani was there to make a great save on a shot that would have been a goal on any other day. Lamounchi finds Vieri once again with the overhead pass and once again Vieri does well to volley one time in the air but once again the Chievo keeper denies the sure goal.

    Inter do not look pretty on the pitch but today they created more goal scoring chances than the last few games combined but they could not find the net and the fustration on the fans faces was clear to see. The effort was there, but the teams limits both tactically and technically meant Inter would have to rely on the individual effort of Vieri and Adriano who missed yet another goal as he sends his header over the bar on yet another clear cut chance.

    Zac has seen enough and takes out Adriano to bring on Martins. The young striker did more in 3 minutes on the field than Adriano did all game and caused harm to the Chievo defence with every touch. Martins first does a great move in the box to find Vieri who's shot comes off a defender, then Vieri sends Martins on a run who rounds the keeper and was pressured by the defence. He gets the shot away although it was week and his effort was cleared off the line by D'Anna.

    It was one of those days for Inter. They did not play brilliant football but had enough chances to score that it is safe to say they were unlucky not to win despite there limited play. Marchegiani saved everything that came his way and the ball would not go in. The win would have been great as both Parma and Lazio tied today and the race for 4th place could have been closer. As it stands now Inter are still 4 points back but Lazio have a game in hand and Inter have now been overtaken by Udinese on 38 points making the league position even more disappointing.

    Eddy Lio

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    Great Report! :grin:
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    Another great report on another winless game...

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    The report was much more fascinating than the result. Keep up the good work Eddy! Let's hope Inter will too.
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    As usual great work Eddy...i am willing to bet next weeks report will be even better because we will finally WIN
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