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Thread: My transfer market analysis

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    My transfer market analysis

    Well I'm happy with our market , only a shame we spoiled it on the last day .

    Don't forget we spent a lot of money in the winter for two players who give the impression of our two BEST players .

    Wer'e safe in goal , the great Toldo is in good form and we have Cordaz and Fontana(Carini will probably be loaned) .

    However I don't belive Carini will ever be our first goalkeeper , I think and hope we will get Timo Hildebrand or Sebastien Frey next season .
    In the defence we got ourselves a great defender with Burdisso , trust me .

    We got Mihajlovic who was in the first 11 for Lazio , so he is probably good enough to be a back up after Materazzi Cordoba Burdisso and Gamarra .

    It's a shame we have released Adani , a good solid defender who has passion for Inter .

    To have released Gamarra might have a good effect , now he knows he must be great because the aim is on him , although I think he was always great for us .

    I'm sad about the loss of Cannavaro , I mean we surely could have sold him to Real for a lot of money , he was just getting his form back in the end of the season and in the Euro 2004 .

    About the transfer of Brechet to sociedad which got us some money and about the release of Helveg who is even in Norwich the worst player , all I have to say is thank you Mancini Facchetti Oriali and Branca .

    Favalli might no be world class but he sure is better than Brechet .
    Now Ze Maria is a different story , he's awesome ! he has amazing long shots and free kicks and crosses the most into to box in the Serie A , MUCH better than Helveg .

    In midfield we have got great players for free :

    Edgar Davids , a world class DM very aggresive , doesn't give the opponents any space and also has got good crosses and ball control .
    Esteban Cambiasso , a talented and very intelligent midfielder , can be a much better back up than Farinos .

    Juan Veron , a great playmaker with very good anticipation , passes and long shot , is rated as the best midfielder in the world by some famous managers .

    For the LW position we got our very talented Mario Rebecchi as a back up and kept Kily .
    Kily might have not lived up to the expectations in his first season , but he was not played in his position , instead he was played as a LWB , parallel to Capitano , in Mancini's system the LW is very offensive and dangerous so expect the real Kily to star .

    We also got rid of Buruk Okan who agreed to tear his contract so we don't have to pay his wages .

    In attack we have sold a good player who we do not need , Mohammed Kallon for 5 million euro , a good deal .
    We got a greek player called Lambros Choutos , his objective is still unknown , he might be used as a part of a deal .

    Loan deals have been very good to us , we got Juan Veron who I mentioned earlier and we got rid of unneeded players who were probably also damaging the club atmosphere because they didn't get to play :
    Nicola Ventola and Gonzalo Sorondo to Crystal Palace , Sabri Lamouchi to Genoa , Francisco Farinos to Mallorca , Stephane Dalmat to Toulouse .

    We also loaned out some youngsters :
    Mathieu Moreau and Fabrizio Biava are now with their old Primavera coach Corrado Verdelli in Ternana ,while Alessandro Potenza and Ianis Zicu stay in Parma for another season .

    And last but not least , the manager :

    We have released Alberto Zaccheroni , an old styled manager with pathetic defensive abilities IMO and we got Roberto Mancini , a modern manager like Arsene Wenger for example who likes to play dynamic spectacular football and to win with style , the difference is , Cuper or Zac are managers who try not to lose while Mancini is the type of manager who will go for the win at any price .

    The main idea is , we are a much stronger , more united and probably consistent team , just look at the difference :

    In Out
    Favalli Brechet stronger
    Ze Maria Helveg much stronger
    Cambiasso Farinos stronger
    Davids Almeyda much stronger
    Veron Okan much stronger
    Burdisso Cannavaro weaker
    Mihajlovic Adani a little bit weaker
    Choutos Kallon weaker
    Beati in the team Lamouchi the same
    Mancini Zac stronger

    Choutos and Mihajlovic will probably not play a lot anyway so the difference is very small , Burdisso is great and yound , while we sold Juve a 31 old defender who suffers from a very bad injury .

    With a new character ,system and hopes let us hope for the best , may Inter be glorious again and gain it's reputation back ,
    may the rest of the world be scared , because wer'e starting and we have no intentions of stopping , forza Inter !

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    Javier Zanetti

    Nice article,I like the last line!

    "Cuore, Testa, Muscoli.. Da anni sognavamo un Gruppo cosi!!!
    Forza Ragazzi
    Nessuno escluso"

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    I hope yer right, nice article btw


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    Great stuff J Zanetti, I agree on all your points.
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    Crespo, Figo, I

    nice one, Zanetti..

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    Great work Zanetti,

    But i disagree with u on Miha...I think he will play more than we would want him to,frankly one appearance (when everyone is healthy and dont need a rest) is one too many for me.

    That said i hope Miha changes my mind towards him,i wish him the best of luck in an Inter shirt and hope we dont get the disgraceful extracurricular activity that he once displayed in the past...Hope he respects the short and the fans.
    Ziyad Of Boston

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