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Thread: Moratti; buy a playmaker

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    Moratti; buy a playmaker


    we, at xxx (a local forum to discuss about football), created a petition to tell Moratti and co. what we really want.. though, I’ve to say, we know that it will be ineffectual, but anyway.. below you can read full letter, and if you were agree then sign the petition.


    Dear Mr. Moratti

    As you know, FC Inter has got lots of fans around the world; the following letter has been written by Iranian Inter fans. First, I would like to point out that we, Iranian Inter faithful, follow the news about “la beneamata” with great care, even in these hard days of our history.

    But what made us to write this, I’ll summarize. We believe Inter has been distanced from its unstable state of the recent decade. By keeping our best players and reinforcing coaching staff we have shown more ambitious character than ever. But also, there are some problems, and although they seem very obvious, but as the years go by we don’t see any sign of recovery.

    Despite having plenty of physical, hard-working and aggressive players, we’ve always lacked a creative playmaker in the midfield. We strongly believe inter need a midfielder who can determine the outcome of a match with a moment of genius, who can control the tempo of the match, making it high, and low if necessary,… We strongly believe, to fight with likes of Real Madrid and Barça, inter need a player like that as much as they needed a number one coach. We think it is our absolute priority. And to be honest, with this obvious weakness, looking at our recent transfer market activities make us really disappointed. We explicitly mention Deco and players like him. We look back over the past seasons, and ask ourselves: Is there some unwritten law that forces us to buy finished stars?!

    Meanwhile, we want to express our deep protest against selling our Italian talents, and we’d like to remind you that this way won’t help us to regain the missed Italian soul.

    Yours sincerely;
    Inter fans, all around the world


    Sign the
    Moratti; buy a playmaker
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    He will - if you pay for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azzkikr View Post
    Everyone was better than crapiasso in the coppa so for veron to be better doesnt say much, cambiasso is hugely overrated by most inter fans. Mediocre player at best, wouldnt be a starter in most other "big" clubs for sure. Same with stankovic.

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    Get viera,rivas,burdisso,mancini and obina to leave he will get that player. Till they are gone it would put too much stress on the wage budget to add another player.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
    Get viera,rivas,burdisso,mancini and obina to leave he will get that player. Till they are gone it would put too much stress on the wage budget to add another player.
    if we get rid of rivas,burdisso,viera,mancini,obinna, and probaly loan out att least one of kerlon,destro or belec

    we should sign a center back,a midfielder and arnautovic if we like him

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