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Thread: Planning a trip in the Mediterranean

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    Planning a trip in the Mediterranean

    As the title says, destination is the Mediterranean, most probably excluding northern Africa and the Middle East, and it's a plan for 2010 and something that will occur for sure. Thing is I'm in the army now and it'll be over in the first days of next year's July. A trip of 4-5 people and all I want is suggested places to visit.

    I'm considering a 20-25 day trip, staying 3-4 max at each place. Starting from Cyprus, the primary destination is Mykonos. Here's a list of intented destinations in order:

    (Sicily, maybe Palermo or wherever is more fun)
    (Potential n.African destination)
    (Other Spanish city)
    Cannes (don't know which is closer to Spain tbh)
    Then probably go to either Milano or Rome to catch a flight back home.

    So my question to you concerns the bracketed places.
    Should instead of Crete we visit another Greek island?
    Is there another good holiday place other than Capri in Italy, and which island has more to offer?
    Which mainland Spain cities closer to the Mediterranean are more worth visiting?

    Any feedback is appreciated, and time is not against me as I have at least 9 months to plan this.
    And also, the date of the trip is not a concern. Any time after the first 10 days of July would do
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    Sounds like an amazing trip.

    I have a question though. You said 3-4 days and listed 14 destinations, that already puts you betwen 42-56 days.

    Are you think about removing some of those destinations? Are the ones not in brackets absolutely final or would you change those as well?

    (Other Spanish city) - I would vote for Barcelona for sure.

    (Crete) - Depends on what you want to do. Mykonos will give you the partying/beaches. Santorini has beautiful sea and classic views. Crete has more history and diversity, and more things to do.

    I don't much about the rest of the Cyclades, but I know each island has it's unique attributes. Even from the modes of transportation where you walk in some, drive in others, or hire a quad-bike and ride up mountains.

    Try to avoid the summer season. July and August are extremely busy and everything is more expensive. September would be better.

    (Potential n.African destination) This would be either Tunisia or Algeria. It would add a nice diversity to your trip as well.

    If you stay in Nice, you can drive to Cannes one day and see everything there. I don't think it's worth another 3 days. You can also drive to Monte Carlo for an afternoon. Maybe spend 5 days in Nice then drive to nearby cities.

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    Ibiza 3 days

    Thanks for the response Ehsan. Price does not matter that much and IT HAS TO BE SUMMER

    As far as the 3-4 days, I said at most, which means that places like Ios which are tiny and right next to Mykonos are not worth staying for more than one day.

    I'm interested in places with nightlife so maybe exchanging Rhodes with Crete would be more suitable, but we really hope to catch up with a large group op freinds at Mykonos who will stay for around 10 days there in mid-July. If Rhodes is included, iy should come before Mykonos due to geographical reasons.

    Also if a northern Africa city is on schedule, the trip to Italy would have to be altered. Probably have to go to Malta instead of Italy and Sicily so that we don't overdo it! I was thinking more of Morocco rather than Algeria but I'm practically clueless on lifestyle in those regions. Chances are that we do not go in northern Africa unless there's something really appealing there.

    So to answer your question of how this can be done in less than 25 days:
    Mykonos 4 days (including one day at Ios)
    Santorini 2 days
    (Crete 1 day or Rhodes 2 days or none of them)
    Corfu 3 days
    Capri 2 days + Sicily 2 days or Malta 3 days
    Ibiza 3 days
    Spanish city 1-2 days
    Nice and Cannes 3 days
    Milano or Rome 1 day

    That makes it 20 days at least and 24 days at most. We might have to exclude some places though as 15-18 days sounds more realistic

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