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    Preseason Review

    Preseason review:

    Another season gone another one coming up, one where once again the Nerrazurri faithful will hope that our time will for once deliver Lo Scudetto to us.

    So what has Inter done so that this can be a possibility this time around?? Well firstly and most importantly we have gotten rid of ZAC and brought in Roberto ďMancioĒ Mancini. The critics might argue that Mancini lacks experience but we have tried experience coaches before and they have failed to deliver. I am glad that Moratti has learned from last summer, when he kept Cuper even thought he was never really convinced that Cuper should have continued and then when things went wrong he fired him 6 games into the new season and was then left with no option but to turn to ZAC since there was no other decent candidates available at that stage in the season.

    The important things I have noticed so far from Inter game plan is that we go out and try to dominate the opposition in the midfield and try to dictate the pace of the game. Another refreshing thing is that we donít see the long ball used as much as it was under Cuper and ZAC. One thing that has really impressed me about Mancini is that he has given our youngster a chance in the preseason games. I really like this it seems that we again have a coach who is willing to give the youngsters a chance like Cuper always did, this is a thing a missed under ZAC. The defence hasnít so far looked solid but I am sure that when Burdisso is fit and he and Cordoba play together we will be great at the back.

    On the signings front we have made quite a few acquisitions like Inter always does. Most have been good signings only two of the signings I donít think where needed. Our first signing was Juan Sebastian Veron on loan from Chelski. People can argue that Veron has been poor in the EPL the last three seasons but I think that mostly has to do with the system he played in. At MAN U Ferguson never allowed Veron to play the role he likes to play while at Chelski he was mostly injured and when he was fit once again Ranieri didnít employ him in the right way. Having played with Veron I am sure Mancini knows how to employ Veron so that he can give his best.

    The second signing was Giuseppe Favalli from Lazio on a free transfer. This is a very important signing in my opinion, Coco has been out for a very long time and we never know if he will be completely over his injury problems while Pasquale hasnít entirely convinced with his defensive capabilities. We needed someone we can rely on and Favalli is this guy. We also signed Esteban Cambiasso on a free transfer from Real Madrid. He has been bought to add depth to our squad and to be the backup to Edgar Davids for the defensive midfielders.

    We acquired Nicolas Burdisso from Boca Juniors for Ä4 million. He is an very impressive young defender; he has won every thing there is to win in Argentine football. I am totally convinced from what I have seen of him that he will be a success in Serie A.

    Another very important signing was Edgar Davids who arrived on a free transfer from Juventus. He has been bought to solve our dmc problem. He will do a much better job at that position than what Cristiano Zanetti has done. He has had a fabulous season at Barcelona and I am sure he will have another at Inter. We also signed Jose Ze Maria from Perugia. He will add a lot to Interís right wing.

    We signed Fabio Carini from Juventus as part of the Fabio Cannavaro deal. Carini is a great young keeper and I am very happy to have him as the future replacement for Toldo. He should have rather stayed another season on loan at Standard Liege but at least now Toldo will know he has to be at his best to stay in the first team. I personally donít think we wanted to sell Cannavaro, what I think happened as Canna came to Inter and told us he wants to leave and wants to go to Juve but he only did this after all the great young defenders that where available this summer had already been signed.

    The two signings where Sinisa Mihalovic and Choutos. Both free transfers. Personally I think Mihalovic is done he should have retired I hope he proves me wrong. I would have rather kept Eliakwu as the sixth striker than sign Choutos to be that striker.

    Inter Transfers:
    Ze Maria


    Expected line up:

    GK: Toldo

    RB: J. Zanetti CD: Cordoba CD: Burdisso LB: Favalli

    RM: ZE Maria CM: Veron CM: Davids LM: Stankovic

    FC: Recoba FC: Adriano

    I wonít be surprised to see Vieri partner Adriano up front, for the 1st few weeks we should also see Materrazi as Cordobaís centre back partner since Burdisso is currently out with an injury he sustained at the Olympics.

    I think this squad is ready to challenge and win Serie A the only question mark I have is over our defensive cover but we should be ok if Cordoba and Burdisso is fit for 75% of the season or if its less than at least 1 of them being fit at all times.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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    Great article!
    Juventus: 29 Scudetti

    Inter: 13 Scudetti

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    A good article,I find it amazing that in that 1st lineup of yours that only 4 of them players were with us during last seasons Christmas break!

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    A very good article.

    I too worry about our defensive cover, but as long as we have the two of Burdisso and Cordoba fit for around 75% of the games we should be ok, although I would have liked another defender to have been signed.

    Lo Scudetto??Who knows, I personally feel that it may be just out of reach this time around, but if we don't get it this time then we have to win it in 2005/06 or we really will have failed.
    Lo Scudetto will return.

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    good anlaysis,I agree u views mostly
    Forza inter!

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