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Thread: Samuel Eto'o

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    Samuel Eto'o

    Samuel Eto'o arrives in Milan
    Monday, 27 July 2009 10:35:31

    MILAN - (ANSA) Samuel Eto'o's first thoughts after arriving in Milan were for Moratti and his new team-mates: "He's a person with a big heart," said the striker, who added: "Compliments to my team-mates, who have already won the first derby." On his arrival in Milan this morning, Eto'o was welcomed by his agent Josť Maria Mesalles Inter's communications director Paolo ViganÚ, who returned expressly from the United States. "I'm very happy to be at Inter. I'm here to work and win the Champions League," added the Cameroonian, who will spend his first day in Italy undergoing medical tests in Milan and Pavia.

    Only the medical tests and the sign of contract are left. I hope him and Diego will be a decent duo!

    Welcome Eto'o!

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    Bessi, we are announced so he arrived in Milan, but still he didn't sign contract with us. Also same thread is opened by Alex de Large before, Click here. Let's wait till will announce official sign by Samuel Eto'o to Inter, and from that we can start discuss about Eto'o in Players & Coaches section

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    There is one closed Eto'o thread already. It will be opened when confirms the deal has been done, meaning exactly Eto'o signature in the contract paper.

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