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Thread: Request: Every Júlio César Save 09/10

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    Request: Every Júlio César Save 09/10

    So here's the story: I honestly believe Julio Cesar is the best goalkeeper in the world today. Perhaps Buffon in his prime was better, Petr Cech overshadows the rest in recent years, and Casillas remains a force to be reckoned with, but JC is reaching a different level now and he's not getting the recognition he deserves for it.

    I believe this is the year of Julio Cesar. His performance last year was miles ahead, and something tells me he will peak this year and reach his full potential.

    I want to compile a video of every single save he makes this season. I think a video like this will become a YouTube sensation, and it will be a huge contribution to his public image. This is also a World Cup year, and I'm sure he will do great there. I want to make a video to highlight why he's the best in the world today.

    If JC played for any other team in any other league, then I'm sure he would have had 10 times as much media attention as he does with Inter. Even if he played for another team in Italy, the media machines would've been on his side.

    It's up to us, the fans, to highlight what a great keeper we have. So I want your help.

    Let's post every single save in this thread as it happens after every game. I will compile them all into a video at the end, but I don't have the means or time to get the individual clips.

    There have already been some great saves this pre-season, including a PK save. Imagine the potential we can expect this season.

    So anyone with me on this journey? Please start posting the clips, or even list the saves he made so someone else can look for the video.

    Forza Julio Cesar

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    Thanks, Ehsan, for this initiative!
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    Ehsan: first of all, great idea! Second, try to contact akkiappasogni at (He's also at, but I don't know if he uses the same nick there). He's always making match comps of JC and he's collecting a lot of clips from every site there is. Here's one exemple of that. Maybe he might be a lot of help for you!

    Looking forward to the final product
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    Ehsan hope this helps..

    His best 10 stops from last year.I have to say that i was lucky enough to see him perform miracels agaisnt United.I think that game showed the world what level he is at...
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