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Thread: The "Arrivals"

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    The "Arrivals"

    Guys !!! Wanted to see if any of you guys have been into this. This is a series which investigates the Judgment Day and the coming of the Anti-Christ from the Christian and Islamic point of view. I have only seen 5 episodes YET but some interesting points I came to know and now want to ask.

    Architecture is a way of channeling energy they say. It was said in the series that the domes of Mosques and Churches channel positive energy while all other shapes channel negative energy ( skyscrapers, pyramids etc )

    They gave many examples. What I didn't understand that how can a shape of a building channel energy whatsoever?? A classic example was given of the "Burj-ul-Arab" in Dubai which I will be glad to share with you guys about it as according to them.

    P.S Feel free to discuss this series even more so here, but PLEASE don't make CONCLUSIONS before watching the whole series, PLEASE.
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