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Thread: Primavera squad 2004/05

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    Primavera squad 2004/05

    First of all, hasnīt gotten the squad completely right. So this is not purely official. But itīs as close as we can get for now, and I will remove some players that I know donīt play for the Primavera but is listed on


    Matteo Boniforti - 1986
    Moreno Impagnatiello - 1986
    Riccardo Savoini - 1985


    Simone Argentini - 1986
    Andrea Cabrini - 1986
    Nicolas Giani - 1986
    Alessandro Pomati - 1986
    Valerio Ringoli - 1986
    Flavio Visconti - 1986
    Christian Zanelli - 1986


    Daniele Aliverti - 1986
    Martin Bengtsson - 1986
    Manuel Bonacina - 1985
    Andrea Bretti - 1985
    Moreno Capra - 1986
    Juri Crucinio - 1986
    Mattia Frascoia - 1986
    Matteo Lombardo - 1985
    Nicholas Marelli - 1986
    Dino Marino - 1985
    Alessandro Massimo - 1985
    Clemente Musumeci - 1986


    Francesco Bilardo - 1986
    Yrius Roberto Carboni - 1986
    Roberto Floriano - 1986
    Sergio Tornelli - 1985


    Daniele Bernazzani

    This is an incredible young team. Normally, we should have players born 1985 as the majority of players. That is hardly the case.

    I am pretty sure that Bindi will be the keeper in this team, but doesnīt have him. So weīll have to wait and see about that.

    My guess for captain is Nicolas Giani. Thereīs only two foreigners as well. Bengtsson and Carboni.

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    No Bindi ,no Meggiorini ??What the hell ???
    They aren't even in younger squads ?
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    They must be first team reserves. But why they are not included in a younger squad... Beats me.
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    What about Villanova ?
    This looks more like our Giovanissimi than our Primavera .
    This is the primavera squad I found in

    Giacomo BINDI 02/01/1987
    Moreno IMPAGNATIELLO 19/06/1986
    Hernan Paolo DELLAFIORE 02/02/1987
    Simone FAUTARIO 12/02/1987
    Nicolas GIANI 13/03/1986
    Guillaume VALMY 12/03/1987 (France)
    Flavio VISCONTI 06/04/1986
    Fabio PILLERI 04/03/1986
    Daniele SEMENZATO 11/01/1987
    Saidi ADESHOKAN 23/10/1984 (Nigeria)
    Martin BENGTSSON 14/03/1986 (Sweden)
    P. COSTANZO 31/01/1986
    Abdoulaye DIARRA 12/10/1986 (Ivory Coast)
    Mattia FRASCOIA 11/09/1986
    Omar LARIBI 04/10/1986
    Matteo LOMBARDO 06/03/1985
    Nicholas MARELLI 19/07/1986
    Dino MARINO 23/05/1985
    Francesco BILARDO 14/02/1986
    Yrius Roberto CARBONI 22/07/1986 (Brazil)
    Roberto FLORIANO 14/08/1986 (Germany)
    Riccardo MEGGIORINI 04/09/1985
    Matteo PIAZZA 22/06/1988
    Paolo TORNAGHI 21/06/1988
    Andrea BELLANOVA 30/10/1987
    Simone BERTINI 05/08/1987
    Giacomo BONVINI 25/02/1987
    Davide GALLI 23/01/1987
    Yuri STORTI 07/10/1987
    Walter PEVERALLI 11/02/1987
    Tijani BELAID 06/09/1987 (France)
    Federico ARDISSONE 08/07/1987
    Alberto BAGGIO 24/06/1987
    Davide FAIS 30/03/1987
    Marco LARDERA 12/07/1987
    Jacopo RAVASI 08/02/1987
    Luca PALAZZO 01/01/1987
    Kandja LUMBILLA 12/05/1987 (France)
    Aregga DIMARTINO 18/12/1987
    Domenico GERMINALE 03/06/1987
    Basty Owusu KYEREMATENG 03/02/1987 (Ghana)
    Matteo MOMENTE' 26/02/1987

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    Thatīs not the Primavera squad. Thatīs the list of players that were on the pre-retreat. Thereīs a waste difference there. But of course some of those players that are in that list, also should be in the official squad pages.

    Like Meggiorini who is missing for some reason. Hopefully they wil update it even further as days go by.

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    Is that where you found your list erm...Javier Zanetti?

    EDIT: I think Jimmy already explained the misunderstanding, anyhow it’s not only Meggiorini that’s missing, Germinale as well...Unless...Yep he’s in the Juniores Berretti
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    Like Iīve already said. That was a list for the pre-retreat that both the Primavera and Juniores Berretti squads attended. Now itīs purely the Primavera squad we are interested in, and has missed some players and have some old players in the list that is no longer here.

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    Re: Primavera squad 2004/05

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy
    This is an incredible young team. Normally, we should have players born 1985 as the majority of players. That is hardly the case.
    Iīm not absolutely sure about this, but I think that our Primavera squad has allways been very young. What I know is that Inter-strategy has been to loan as much promising players out as possible at the age when they would have 1-2 years left to be in Primavera.

    I hope Iīm not completely wrong about this.....

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    As expected, the squad that was published yesterday was all wrong. Thereīs a new one now that sure looks more realistic. Iīm too lazy to write down all the names again so go here if youīre interested.

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    Good job Jimbo. Nice to see Bindi is back, Cordaz is too old?
    Also good to see Meggiorini and DellaFiore returning with the primavera.

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    Dellafiore is still with us. I donīt know why he is listed for the Primavera squad and not the first team.

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    So the Primaveras first league game ends in victory.We beat Chievo 2-1 with goals from Meggiorini and Giani!

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    Dellafiore is back playing with the primavera, he scored a goal this weekend

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    I think it was just a game where he needed to be match-fit. I doubt it will be a permanent move to the Primavera team.

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    Hey ... a question for u guys who follow the primavera closely ... who are the centre backs in the squad and are they good enuf to play in the Nerazzuri squad say 2-3 years from now????????
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    will someone made primavera squad 2005/2006
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