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Thread: Disgraceful ungrateful Lazio!!

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    Disgraceful ungrateful Lazio!!

    Lazio to sue 'traitor' Mancini Tuesday 7 September, 2004
    Channel 4

    President Claudio Lotito has announced his intention to sue ex-Coach Roberto Mancini for damages, while Cesar suffers an injury.

    “I have asked my legal team to evaluate the possibility of suing Mancini in the courts and they have deposited the first papers,” revealed the Lazio chief.

    Mancio caused chaos this summer when he agreed terms with Inter – something the Nerazzurri confirmed on their official website – while he was still tied to a contract with Lazio.

    After several weeks of heated negotiations, the two clubs eventually reached an agreement and he signed for the San Siro outfit. However, Jaap Stam also revealed recently that Mancini had repeatedly asked him to consider a move to Inter at the end of the season, but the Dutchman opted for Milan instead.

    Initial reports suggest that Lotito – who was not in charge of the club at the time – has requested in the region of £3m in damages.

    “I understand the disappointment of the Lazio fans,” replied Mancio in an open letter to the ‘Corriere dello Sport’ newspaper, “and their hurt at seeing me leave for Inter, but nothing justifies this attitude.”

    “I waited until the final day before making such a painful decision, but it was an inevitable one as Lazio had lost all sight of a game plan. In my career I have always maintained one characteristic and that is to tell the truth.”

    The Biancocelesti supporters are currently siding with Lotito and have asked fans to hand back their ‘Banda Mancini’ (the Mancini Gang) T-Shirts in exchange for a new one that says ‘Mancini Traitor’.

    Meanwhile, there are problems for Lazio in the lead-up to their Serie A opener with Sampdoria, as Cesar has pulled up with a bruised back. The winger did not take part in today’s training session and is a doubt for the weekend fixture.

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    They will be one of the best teams in Serie B in 2005/06 season!


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    Lotito is a bitch.

    First he crazily overprices his players and now this pile of crap.
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    The way that he is going he seems worse than Zamparini!

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    I would luv it if we give them Miha back as a comprimise...
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