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Thread: Restaurants in Paris, Milan & Bologna

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    Restaurants in Paris, Milan & Bologna

    Hi guys,

    I'm going over to those 3 cities this Thursday; can you tell me where to eat when I'm in those town? I don't need the names of the Guy Savoys or the Joel Robuchons since I know them already from TV shows or Internet search. Please tell me where I can savor those delicious, cheap & good street local foods!


    PS: If anyone know how can I get pre-paid or pay-as-you-go Internet access while in Europe, it would greatly help!

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    In Paris, the famous Champs Elysees have nice restaurants, but not much if I remember well. Try the 6th arrondissement, it's where my appartment is and ask people where the restaurants are. There's plenty of quality restaurants there if I can recall. Or you can go at the Lipp(if it's still there ), which is right next to my appartment

    Bologna is too small, you will go past plenty of restaurants and most are nice. Try pizzas and pasta there(and the famous spaghetti Bolognaise)

    As for Milan, there's this one that I went to a lot everytime I've been in the city, it's in the Galeria de Vitorio Emmanuele(at the Piazza Duomo) and it's called Biffi. There are many nice restaurants there as well, but it's the one that caught my sight and didn't regret going there like 5 times in 4 days (i haven't been to the city in like 4 years so it may not be there, but i think it's been there for quite a long time so it's kinda unlikely)

    Hope this helps
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    My problem is who is sending you to these places? How come you earn soo much money? Can I also have the same job?

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    i told you, La Cadrega not far from Centrale.. Also recommended by Beka, Waleed, Khalifa and Frisko
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