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Thread: Best defensive partnership you've seen at Inter?

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    Walter Samuel,

    Best defensive partnership you've seen at Inter?

    Following on from my previous thread. We've had quite a few different CB partnerships.I will just list the good ones, starting with the most recent.

    Samuel - Lucio - have done well so far. Lucio is technically more gifted and quicker while Samuel is more rugged and has a no nonsense style of play.

    Chivu - Samuel - Similar to the above partnership, but Chivu lacks pace which doesn't complement Samuel. Did well when they did play together though.

    Samuel - Cordoba - i thought these 2 complemented eachother very well. Cordoba was the quick man marker while Samuel was very strong in the air and organised the defence. They did brilliantly at the beginning of the 07/08 season and were also decent in 05/06.

    Chivu - Cordoba - As above, complement eachother well though Chivu isn't quite as good as Samuel in the air. Did well at the beginning of last season.

    Materazzi - Cordoba - I imagine these 2 have played the most games together out of any partnership in this thread. Like Samuel - Cordoba, they compliment eachother well, but Materazzi is not as good as Samuel. They did great in 06/07 and were also good in 02/03 (when they played together) and 01/02.

    Cannavaro - Cordoba - individually very good players, but too similar.

    Cannavaro - Materazzi - in theory this was good, but it never really impressed.

    Blanc - Cordoba - Good in theory, but i think at the time Blanc was probably too old while Cordoba was too young.

    After this, my memory is not so good. I remember we had players like Baresi, Colonesse, West, Fresi etc. but can't remember which one was our regular CB partnership, so perhaps someone can remind me.

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    bobooooo (until

    The best I can think of right now was Cordoba-Samuel, in the beginnig of 07/08, until Samuel got hurt chasing Kaka in the Christmas derby. Also Materazzi was a beast in 06/07, not only in defense but also as a goal scorer.
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    From those partnerships, absolutely Cordoba-Samuel. Like tritolone mentioned, they were simply huge in 07/08.

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    Sammy and Cafe didnt last long enough but they were dominant. Matrix and whoever he played with in 06/07 was also dominant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CafeCordoba View Post
    From those partnerships, absolutely Cordoba-Samuel. Like tritolone mentioned, they were simply huge in 07/08.
    Simply the best defense partnership in the world during the first 6 months into the season, before injury crocked them BOTH for the rest of it...

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