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Thread: Mobile Phones & Smartphones

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    Anyone has experience with Xiaomi phones?

    My wife is looking for a new phone a she really likes Xiaomi A1 (partially because it comes in rose gold)? How's camera on this phone if anyone has real life experience with it (I've seen the reviews)?
    Anything else you guys would suggest with those or similar specs?

    She does not want iOS and is kind of tired of Samsung as her previous phones were Samsung.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fapuccino View Post
    I'm loving the S9+ (that screen is a beauty) but I'm scared a couple of months in the battery is just going to be shot. My last Samsung phone the battery turned to shit, but at least that was replaceable.
    I have the s8+, battery was brilliant until the oreo update came out and its got much worse. Hoping it gets fixed in a new update

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