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Thread: Match Report Valencia- ANDERLECHT [Score Inside]

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    Match Report Valencia- ANDERLECHT [Score Inside]

    Valencia Have It Easy Against Anderlecht

    9/14/2004 11:45:00 PM

    Valencia start off their Champions League campaign with a convincing victory against Anderlecht.

    Claudio Ranieri surprisingly decides to start the match without all the Italian players including the experienced Amedeo Carboni and the Valencia veterans pay him back. It takes only 45 minutes fot the Spanish side to secure the victory with a 2-0 lead and the opponents only showcase the talent of their best players like Kompany, Traore, Dindane and Wihelmsson but itís not enough to worry Valenciaís defenders.

    A part from the two goals the first half isnít very entertaining and during the first fifteen minutes nothing much happens. Then Valencia take the lead with close range shot by Vicente after that the goalkeeper fails to control Rufeteís shot. Anderlecht try to react but it looks like they canít overcome their opponents and Dindane hardly ever receives a good pass. The only dangerous shot comes from Baseggio at the 33rd minute but the ball goes over the crossbar.

    However the action isnít over yet and in the dying moments of the first half Baraja doubles the lead with a precise shot from out of the box and for Zitka there isnít much to do save it.

    In the second half Valencia sit back a bit and they give Anderlecht a chance to come back into the game but they never come close to Canizares. The home side go close to scoring again with Rufete at the 51st minute but his shot finishes wide. Dindane does his best to put his team back on track but he hasnít got enough support from his team mates a part from Wihelmsson. If Broos wants his team to qualify for the next stage he has a lot of work to do. - I hope he wont be able to do anything till after our two games with them lol-



    GOALS: 16í Vicente, 45í Baraja

    VALENCIA: Canizares 6, Marchena 6, Albelda 6,5 (71í Sissoko), Baraja 6,5, Angulo 6, Vicente 7, Carboni 6,5, Navarro 6, Rufete 6 (56í Corradi 5,5), Aimar 7 (76í Fiore), Curro Torres 6. On the bench: Palop, Di Vaio, Caneira, Moretti. Manager: Ranieri 7.

    ANDERLECHT: Zitka 5,5, Deschacht 6, Zewlakow 6 (80í Lovre), Mpenza 5,5, Baseggio 5,5, Hasi 5 (54í Zetterberg 5,5), Wilhelmsson 6,5, Dindane 6,5, Kompany 6, Traore 6, Vanden Borre 5. On the bench: Peersman, Jestrovic, Junior, De Man, Lager. Manager: Hugo Broos 5,5.
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