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Thread: Best of Inter (2000-2009)

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    Best of Inter (2000-2009)

    What the fuck, there's one week left in the decade and there's no polls no reviews or anything relating the best of Inter this decade. This was the second greatest decade in our history and I feel it should not just pass away.

    So I was thinking that everyone here should just post there favorite moment, goal, game, player, jersey, or anything relevant related to Inter here just so maybe if this place is still around in the year 2020 we could come back to here and look back at these moments or whatever....

    I'll start.

    My Favorite Moment

    Thank you Zlatan

    My Favorite Goal

    Il Capitano at his finest!

    Special Mention to this one as well..

    and this, it's just a header but the emotion behind it, is one of the main reasons why I love this goal.

    My Favorite Game

    Stupid whore of a game, had me in tears up till the 90th minute.

    and also this:

    Haha BBeeelan!

    My Favorite Player
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic -- I hate him now but in our colors I would be lying if I told you I didn't idolize him.

    I also liked, Adriano, as well.

    My Favorite Jersey

    It's gorgeous!

    Your turn, also feel free to add any other categories if the need be... I look forward to reading your Inter experiences of this decade...
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    Every time an interesting player from another team expresses any interest in us, we start acting like beggars - ausilio certainly looks the part: unshaved, always looks like he hasn't slept in days, I wouldn't be surprised if he smells - and constantly try to get the deal done with lowball offers.

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    just got that jersey for christmas today

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    Favorite moment has to be first Scudetto on the pitch.

    Everything a man should be. We miss you Cipe.

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    it's been a pretty good decade thanks to our recent scudettos, but not winning anything in europe has been very disappointing. The best moment was ibra's double against parma to give us our 16th scudetto, the worst may 5 2002.

    my inter dream team of the 2000's would be:

    ------------------------------j. cesar-----------------------------
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    balotelli, ,zan

    my favorite champions league moment i cried no joke

    ps: ordered a zanetti jersey today cant wait for it

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    Nyall, +1 great post. I will share mine soon but you already many of my favorites down.
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    My favourite/best eleven:


    Unfortunately our midfield has never been top class.
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    Il Capitano


    Thanks for posting these beautiful moments mate . FORZA INTER!

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    this to me will be one of the best moments of the decade, since I went to a bar in NYC to watch it and it was over 30+ bbilanista's and only me supporting Inter....
    i got kicked out of the bar for acting like a crazy man and shouting "fuck milan" after the goal......lmao

    best game(s) for me were that game above

    and this game.

    and deki's goal in this game was absurd....

    can't really pick a best goal as we've had some really quality goals (deki has a lot, adri has some, ibra has some, maicon has a thunderbolt e.t.c) but in terms of sheer importance/moments, the zanetti goal, recoba has a couple, that adri goal against milan and the balotelli goals against juve were really good..

    and i actually like the jersey from 08 with the gold Pirelli logo...

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    C'mon guys, give your thoughts too. Nice start Nyall!

    My Favorite Moment

    Can't say which was better tho.

    My Favorite Goal

    There's a lot of them. Firstly, Ibra's backheel goals against Bologna:

    Ibra's free kick goal against Viola:

    Zanetti's great goal v Roma(Maybe the best):

    My Favorite Game

    My Favorite Player

    Ibra. Adriano.

    My Favorite Jersey

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    10 years of FIF
    My Favorite Moment

    My Favorite Goal
    There's a lot of fantastic goals, especially scored by Ibra.

    My Favorite Game

    My Favorite Player
    Zlatan 'Ibracadabra' Ibrahimovic - I can't hide my love for him, but he was the reason that we win first tittle after 14 years, and now we continued to win more scudettos, for me Ibra is genius, is everything.

    My Favorite Jersey

    Forza Inter per sempre!!

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    okay,let me try

    last titles were my favourite moments but this i think this was the best + calciopoli

    best goal..hmm..

    and also matrix against reggina 6-0 + deki's long range goals,love them all

    class moment :

    fav player :

    Marco Materazzi & Hernan Crespo

    fav game : - DEFINITELY +

    fav shirt :

    and a lot of wonderful moments which i'll come back with
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    10 years of FIF
    best moments..

    Inter 3-2 Milan

    Inter 4-3 Milan - Saw this one live with Frisko, amazing night.

    Beating Parma for the scudetto, almost left me with a heart attack

    Fave players - Zanetti, of course.. Ibra once I stopped hating him.. and Adriano for his early magic

    Fave jersey

    Has to be this one, though to be honest there havent been many/any I didn't like

    All in all, what an amazing decade, at the start of it we lose 6-0 to Milan, at the end we win 4-0.. Oh how times change things
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    Sneijer , Milit

    Figo's free kick vs Roma was awesome.

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    Hmm favourite moments:

    Milan 0-4 Inter
    Inter 3-2 Milan
    Inter 4-3 Milan (was my birthday that day went insane)
    Ibrahimovic scoring those two goals for the 16th Scudetto.
    I loved the 5-1 mauling of Valencia.
    The 3-0 win in Highbury was also pretty great from the Cuper era.
    Inter 3-2 Sampdoria NULLA E IMPOSSIBILE
    Juve in Serie B (not an Inter moment but still fucking great )

    The Worst moments:
    Losing to Milan in the semi final of the Champions League
    Losing 6-2 to Roma in the first leg of the final of the Coppa Italia really sucked imo, I never like seeing Inter lose a game in that manner.
    Villareal, Valencia, Liverpool, need I say more?
    5th May 2002 obviously.

    My best eleven for the decade:

    (4-3-1-2) Julio Cesar - Maicon - Samuel - Cordoba - Zanetti - Cambiasso - Stankovic - Emre - Figo - Ibrahimovic - Vieri

    Manager: Roberto Mancini

    My favourite shirt has to be this season's away kit and the centenary kit.

    Oh and best goal of the decade, Ibrahimovic against Bologna but I'd like to give a special mention to Motta's goal in the derby which had amazing build up the likes of which we rarely see with Inter.

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    Javier Zanetti,

    Balotellis freekick against Rubin Kazan!


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    Quote Originally Posted by nerazzurri4life View Post

    It made my day, week and month haha
    I believe we started to have a strong and winning mentality after win this game.

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    Nyall, great thread. Very very hard to do and there may seem some moments that I miss but here goes nothing.

    Best moments (Not-match wise)
    1) The Calciopoli verdict
    2) Signing Samuel (He is one of my favorite defenders in the world)
    3) Milan in UEFA Cup in 08/09

    Best moments (Match-wise)
    1) Siena - Inter 06/07 --- The first ever title won on the field
    2) Juventus - Inter 03/04 --- Juve were on record breaking pace that season, we haven't won at the Delle Alpi for decades and just lost to Arsenal 1-5, I had zero, had I had MINUS expectation for that match
    3) Inter - Milan 3-2 --- First Derby win after 10 Derbies

    Best players
    1) Javier Zanetti --- May not be the most outstanding player but his presence is eternal
    2) Zlatan Ibrahimovic --- The most outstanding player of the decade, although he only spent 3 seasons with us
    3) Ivan Cordoba --- Again, he is one of the few pillars of Inter throughout the decade despite not being the most outstanding

    Best goals
    1) Zlatan vs Bologna 08/09, that backheel goal was just insane
    2) Zlatan vs Torino 06/07, Van Basten eat your heart out
    3) Zlatan vs Palermo 08/09, the free-kick that Dr. Ehsan explained

    Best goals (Non-Zlatan version)
    1) Emre vs Lazio, audacious!
    2) Recoba vs Atalanta, a brilliant curler after a Cryuff turn
    3) Maicon vs Milan, may not seem as spectacular as Motta's but we strung 20+ passes before the finishing blow

    Best jerseys
    1) The diagonal stripe on 02/03 away jersey
    2) The 01/02 home jersey that has the yellow lining in it (One of my biggest regret as an Inter fan is to not buy this jersey)
    3) The 04/05 European jersey

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    Walter Samuel,

    Vieri beating Valencia almost single handedly.

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