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Thread: Inter All Smiles

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    Inter All Smiles

    The match against Palermo is ONE OF THE BIGGEST matchs of the season for Inter. Inter will have trouble to break through the defence of Palermo.
    Adriano Is on fire right now, but i think he will be over shadowed by the defence. .

    Andy had The best game for Inter this week . Hopefully he will set up Vieri wit 2 goals or more in this mtach.
    Monkeyboy is back I wish he will be subed on for vieri or Adriano. I wanna see him dance his ass up and down when he scores his first goal of the season.

    I asked Inter officials to buy the San Siro a coke Machine I think It wil go ahead because i see Maroddona talking wit Mancini after training.

    My score line: 5-0

    El Chino scores from Half way

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    Hmm righteo then, you should post this in the Inter Vs Palermo thread so this will be closed soon. I agree with u though, its not an easy match.

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    I say give it like 6 hours when all the Euros wake up. It'll be closed soon enough. LOL. Seems like maybe its a good idea to leave them all open since its more spam to have threads that are all closed taking up space rather than just talk about things in more than one place. But of course, I don't pay for this forum nor do I run it or do I post here a lot so its not my call and I fully understand that, so go on ur businesss. FORZA INTER

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    Monkeyboy, you seem like a very decent poster and all that. Which is a shame that your opionions wont be noticed, because you keep opening new topics that already exists. Instead you should use the REPLY button in the match-topics. That way people will notice your posts and we wont have to close every single topic.

    We will all get very dizzy if we discuss the same thing at two places. Surely you agree. So remember. Its the REPLY button you should use.

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