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Thread: Is the failure to sign Ledesma and Fernandes a good thing??

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    Is the failure to sign Ledesma and Fernandes a good thing??

    Is it in the best interest of the club that the transfers of Manuel Fernandes and Cristian Ledesma (up until 23:03 GMT) have not been completed?

    I wonder what bearing this will have on the remainder of the season as this will give more opportunity to primavera players. having just checked the squad list on, stevanovic, carlsen, crisetig and alibec have been including in the 1st team player profiles. i'm not sure how long they have been there but i think 1 thing is for sure, if we sign a new midfielder, 1 or more of these players will be pushed out and they will all be a step further away from Serie A action.

    So i'm wondering if the failure to sign these players will benefit the club and the team in the long run because perhaps at the end of the season, we won't even think about signing a new cm as krhin has stepped up to the plate or because crisetig was a revelation. Balotelli did it, Santon did it so maybe with a little luck, one of these other guys will do it and prove that we don't need to spend millions when we have home grown players

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    Well there is still tomorrow!

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    Is there a reason this can't be discussed in the fernandes thread?? Thread closed.
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