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Thread: Happy Birthday Franco!

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    Happy Birthday Franco!

    A few hours ago as I was greeting Il Bambino for his birthday I read that it was also Franco's birthday

    Don't know if he still enters this forum
    Don't even know him
    But in his profile it says he's also from Lima and it's really rare to find a fellow peruvian who is fond of INTER

    So I started this thread because it's not too late to wish a Happy Birthday to Franco!
    Noi siamo qui con te, DAI FORZA INTER, INTER ALE!!!

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    Sergio Aguero!


    10 years of FIF
    Long time i haven't seen you here franco..

    Anyway, happy b-day and come more often mate...
    "This wonderful night will give us the colours for our crest: black and blue against a backdrop of gold stars. It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world."

    Derby d'Italia, why the rivalry?
    My message to JuBe cunts

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