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Thread: A Desperado's Lie "Way out Control"

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    A Desperado's Lie "Way out Control"

    A DESPERADO'S LIE - "Way out of control"

    Feb. 11th, 2010 at 9:43 PM

    Episode 1

    "Way out of control"

    After another rendezvous with a girl who really lights my fire, home is unfortunately my destination...


    The light rain adds more ambiance to the track that’s playing through my Ipod. "In the Air Tonight"… A Phil Collins masterpiece which sits in my top 20 songs of all time. Right now I'm in the music video... My facial expression shows an emotion of despair that emulates the songs dark lyrics... Walking through the city a little drenched but without bother, I found no need to run in between cover... I felt soothed to be honest. A summer night in the rain can do wonders. Not for my outfit though... My white basic t-shirt and diesel jeans become a little heavy. At this moment I'd make love to my girl if she actually existed... As I light a cigarette, my headphones pour "Nobody knows"... Not Pink but an original by the Tony Rich Project which inspires a little depression. This song has true meaning of being lonely. Walking through a city that feels lonely itself puts me in the perfect setting for the scene that I act out mentally remembering past heartaches and difficult times.


    With the rain still in heavy presence, I wait under shelter for a bus to take me home. I notice her standing there with the same headphones as me (iPod standard white). Her dark hair is damp so it's clear we share the same misfortune of not having an umbrella handy... Lighting a cigarette, she notices me undressing her with my eyes. I'm not staring but I have to admit that a pretty face was not her only feature. The girl’s side profile outlined an electric figure... I wonder if she was in a music video as well. The track changes... I quickly skip songs that don't blend with my surroundings... "Every breath you take" hits with an opening snare and my favorite guitar hook. No one can hate the Police. I want to make a move but she seems deep in thought. Her jeans are hot... Nudie... I liked her style which helped the impression I was getting. Fuck me... My chance doesn't even appear as her bus arrives. Stepping on her Smoke as she moves towards the 506, she looks at me one more time before embarking on her trip home. After getting another peak front on, I realize I know her from somewhere... Anyway IMO she liked my attention. I wasn't a creep but I really appreciated her character. Time passes and still no ride... My iPhone signals a text. I really hoped it was interesting... An ex GF writes ...

    "1 of my girlfriends thinks
    she saw u tonight... U in the city?
    bus stop?"

    I head to the back of the bus which gets dirtier the closer I get... Fucking kids and Graffiti.
    As soon as I sit down and read Melanie’s sms again, I realize I can have a bit of fun here... Fuck it, I'm bored. The lie begins…

    "Yeah we caught up...
    Shes really cool.
    Thanks for being ok with
    us talking =)"

    Melanie and I dated not so long ago... Only lasted 3 months as she realized I was a waist of time... Smart girl. She replies…

    "Wtf you mean?...
    She just told me she caught
    u checking her out...
    Who U talking about???"

    "oh... I'm not sure lol
    who U talking about?"

    As I await her reply, I notice something intelligent engraved on the seat in front of me... *I like Dick*… Enough said.
    Melanie responds…


    As the SMS battle continues... "You make me high" Toni Braxton Sets the mood for this exchange.

    We had coffee

    She calls me finally...

    Melanie: "Hey... What is going on? Are you f'n serious?"

    Alex: "Mel I don't get what's happening here... She told me she asked you if it was ok that she could see me... Your not ok with it?..."

    "She’s denying this Alex..."

    "So she hasn’t said anything? Mel I swear I wouldn’t have slept with her if I knew you didn't approve. This is ridiculous..."

    "I can't believe this... You fucked her?! Look she's denying all of it and I take her word over anybody’s..."

    "Whatever... You’re an idiot…"

    "Alex WTF... Tell me the fucking truth... What's been happening between you to? I Want proof..."

    "I honestly don't want to talk about it... She's a bitch. I'm sorry you had to find out this way... Look I'll stop if it's hard for u."

    "Please see me tomorrow... I really need to talk about it"

    "How about I see you tonight?..."

    “You on a bus?"

    "I'll be at your house in 5 mins..."

    Now it gets interesting...

    I don't know how I got here but my antics have me standing still wet in front of my Ex"s house at 10 past midnight.

    The sky has cleared. Pulling out my headphones puts me back in reality... I notice straight away that she has become even more gorgeous after 12 months... Wearing Blue silky track pant PJs with a black singlet top, her cleavage is astounding... Her dark brown hair blends nicely with a well applied tan. Fresh from a hot shower it seems... Mel kisses my cheek. She's not super nice holding back any pleasantries... She asked me to come in but I preferred the stairs leading up to her porch under cover... It was actually a nice place. I never appreciated it when I was here in the past. The driveway is arched at the front of the house... It reminded me of an entrance to a fancy hotel. Of course it's complemented by a Garden that was well looked after... A lot of money in her family.

    So we talk about the situation... my dirty little lie that I conjured up out of nothing has yet to reveal its true identity...

    "I’m pissed off Alex..., I’m jealous for some stupid reason... I hate you"

    I fall back slowly at the top of the stair case with a cute smirk... My legs tire.

    "What can I say tiger... I honestly feel bad"...

    "Your such a liar..."

    She gets closer and lies next to me... Surprisingly it doesn't feel awkward.

    I look at her... "Mel, I need your services..."

    She responds swiftly... "hell no..."

    (Smiling) "Relax...I need to use your bathroom... Your driving me home you know"...

    (She grins…) "ummm your getting a cab mister..."

    "Your joking... your car is just there... I live like 5 minutes away!"

    "Ok ok... Calm down…"

    As I wash my face, I look in the mirror... What am I doing here?

    Melanie has class no doubt... Black BMW 5series. As she drives me back to my place, I get another look at her legs... They scream sexy even through her pjs. The cars brakes are enough to alter my thoughts.

    "Well thanks for coming to see me... But I honestly don't know what to believe still... "

    "I’m sorry again... I just don't know what else to say..."


    I lean over and slowly kiss her on the cheek but foolishly take my time... I wait for any sign... She doesn't react. I gently kiss her again... Slowly working down to her neck

    "...Alex... no..."

    I get to her lips and lock on... She pushes me off regrettably but pulls me back in... I taste a little lip gloss that she must have applied before we left... I lift her on top of me placing myself between her legs... I unhurriedly move my lips... Back down and around her neck... I go lower...

    "This is so wrong... Alex… please stop..."

    My hand drifts gently up her thigh...


    We make fake love on the passenger seat and again in the back... Lying mostly naked with only her black panties that she put back on, Melanie sinks herself into my arms as my thoughts criticize my actions... I'm such a bastard. Rain starts falling again making this moment more erotic then random...

    It's this moment that makes me realize that I'm way out of control…

    To be continued...
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