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Thread: Football fan rivalries

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    Football fan rivalries

    Throw here anything that has to do with football rivalries, be it famous or unknown.
    Please don't just make posts like "Roma-Lazio" or "Boca-River", and then add nothing to that.

    I will start off with Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, the greatest rivalry in Greece and one of the most fierce rivalries in the world.

    Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos

    Green hell against Red madness. Pure hatred. The 'eternal enemies'.

    The two most supported clubs in Greece, just like in most countries, always tend to be considered rivals. The feeling between both set of fans for the opposition is not just that of rivalry, it's hatred. It's not surprising to find people who are happier for their enemy's defeat than their team's victory.

    A rivalry 'honoured' in all possible sport events, from football and basketball to water polo and 'backgammon'(as a joke)

    Fans from both teams are known for their extreme passion, their support in every corner of the earth their team plays and of course, the regular daily teasing in Athens more often.

    The Panathinaikos fans call Olympiakos a team of cheaters and call their fans rabbits and chicken(with helmets) and also gay.
    The Olympiakos fans call Panathinaikos a team of chokers and call their fans rabbits.

    The term "Rabbits" derives from the frequent fights the fans have and each time someone else loses and is called a rabbit. There's still no evidence to prove who deserves it more as incidents occur on both sides and they vary.

    In 2007 Olympiakos fans stabbed a PAO fan and threw him on a passing car on the avenue and killed him. The killers confessed on television that they do not regret doing this and that it's a war and there's no mercy to be shown...

    A video with photos of both fans

    Early 90s in... Zaragoza! Pao fans stop and attack a bus carrying Olympiakos fans

    Patra incident, mostly known as Tofalos incident. Biggest fight in years. Panathinaikos fans brag about their 'win', Olympiakos fans claim that the police helped them

    Olympiakos fans attack families, women and children as 'revenge' for their defeat in Patra

    Another incident in Patra

    Old Olympiakos-Panathinaikos game, where PAO was left with 8 players on field. Crowd fight never stopped in that game

    Conflict between 200 PAO fans going towards the stadium, 'finding' an Olympiakos fan club

    In 2006 another major incident occured, when Olympiakos fans invited SPARTAK Moscow fans to attack fans of Panathinaikos. The result was a 'win' for Panathinaikos fans with not any serious casualties. It was the day that increased the hatred between the fans which caused the death of a person a year later. The probability of further fatalities is quite high. Next Sunday there's the derby in Panathinaikos home ground, but there's a restriction law in Greece that forbids away fans to receive tickets in games such as this one(or where the police considers violence threats)

    This camera belonged to a Russian fan of Spartak Moscow, aiming to tape a 'victory' in a fight, but then he was fleeing. Next thing we know this was broadcasted on the news!

    The actual fight

    Fighting is bad
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