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Thread: Column: Inter is about karma

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    Column: Inter is about karma

    While all of Sweden gathers in a crowd and fantasise about Barca's final without even contemplate that they need to go past a last hurdle, there is an Interista who puts himself at the same que. But is it genuine or is it about an hindu complott?

    Svenskafans (a Swedish website) is wonderful, It is a place where you can gather all the idiots at the same place, promising journalists and everyone that loves conspiracies. I probably belong to all three. I am an idiot of a journalist, who cannot close my eyes of all the conspiracies.

    Barcelona is not only Swden's but the WORLD'S huggy-bear. We have a newspaper who has attempted to hushed this overrating and instead focus on Inter. It is Marcus Birro at Expressen. Unfortunately, it falls flat on its nose for everyone who has written his pieces knows exactly what he feels about Inter and its fans. 'How can you love Inter?" he wrote the othe other year. Now he's portraying himself as the biggest Interista in the world. It is embarassing. We have to find a better ambassador for Italian football. Am I the guy? Never! I live in a world that surrounds everything I say and do, so it would come back and bite me in the ass. It has hurt me professionalty and as a future writer. Nobody wants to read negative things despite that I do it when I think Universe surrounds around me, and every good thing I experience, I need to balance with something bad.

    This is madness, but also something that has a worrying statistics. Should I say: "We win this!", we will lose. I quit having an Inter symbol on me 2007, what happened? We won. I tried for two matches to wear an Inter jersey the same day as we played a match this season. You can guess how it went.
    Inter's bad spell this season started when I went to Asia and had the time of my life. Is it a coincidence that our misery started exactly that time? Of course it is, but what you believe in, you have to believe in. If a support thinks that the path to success us to be as cocky as you can, and be a pain in the ass of the society, then I'm sure it works. The pessimist, who keeps a low profile can after a game say: "Oops, I was wrong" and is overjoyed. If the cocky bastard is wrong, he will stand on the balcony anf hope he will at least get a black-eye.

    That's how life has been for me. I have said: "Yes, we will lose" and so on while the other person has pushed and pushed for a reaction. Now we won. But have we won? No! We MUST maintain our two goals and not waste this chance.

    There's a difference from pessimism and pessimism. I have all these years been wrong with a lot of stuff, but when we signed Motta I cheered. Everybody else whined and thought he would replace Maradona in Napoli. I knew his role. Today it still exists fans who complain about him and says: "He doesn't create enought".
    Stubborness is an illness. I am stubborn, but when I am wrong and GAIN from it, then all you can do is to grab a beer and cheer. I love being wrong!
    A lot of Inter fans doesn't function the same. Pride takes over evertything. Until this day, Motta is no longer one of the best players in the team. Muntari can make five defensive blocks in a derby, and everything is forgotten when he makes a wrong-pass. This mentality has to be erased from the Inter fans. Does anyone believe Barca-fans love Xavi less when he cannot find a player to pass?

    How do you win the league and the CL at the same time? With a whole bunch of luck! Roma has found a period where everything goes their way. We have tossed away the league, but we could have done it without even blinking, if it wasn't for God knows how much luck from the Romes. But now we have to change this. Now we must do our job. We cannot affect them.

    Champions however, it's all about the next game. We must shock Barca in the first 15 mins and push forward, then stabilise our game.
    I saw too the game tonight, and no scandal as terms of the referee. But how the hell can they apply an Italian referee in a semi-final when a potential finalist may be Italian?

    /Jimmy Fredholm

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    Classy article. Especially the chapter "pessimism and pessimism" hit the nail on the head.

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    Nice one Jimbo!!

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    Hehehe, that's Jimmy at his best for ya.

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    Good read Jimmy - thanks
    Noi non siamo gobbi ba$tardi

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    great stuff as usual jimmy...

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    Nice article mate . I am a pessimist most of the time to be honest, but I love when I found out I was wrong.

    Does anyone believe Barca-fans love Xavi less when he cannot find a player to pass?
    Yeah but he does 10 correct passes, and misses 1 or 2. He doesn't get sent off in a minute, and he helps the team win. So don't compare Xavi with Muntari . Maybe I understood it wrong, but that's how I see it.

    Nice article though, keep it up.

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    Great article, Jimmy

    I totally resonate with that.
    I learned about love, faith, and patience from Massimo Moratti.

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    let's hope u're not wrong this time

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