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Thread: "Birth" cerificate of Interisti at ForzaInterForums

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    My adventure started in 1988 when I was 10yo. There were 2 reasons...Lothar Matthaus and the mesmerizing black and blue jersey.
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    10 years of FIF
    1992 - Gascoigne went over to Lazio and Channel 4 (UK tv channel, back in non digital days) started showing the greatest football show called Football Italia.

    Watched the show and fell in love with our Inter, just became an obssession.
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    My dad moved to Milano in the 60's to work as a barber (my family is from Sicily). It was during the years of la grande inter and he became a diehard fan.

    I was born some 30 years later and never supported any other club. Baggio, Vieri, and Ronaldo were my earliest favorites.

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    I dunno where my origin story is. I always liked the international tournaments even when I was a kid, but watching club soccer (using that word very intentionally) as a kid just wasn't much of a priority. Easy enough to do when you grow up in the United States and this stuff was all on, like, Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV. I caught the odd Champions League game every now and then - I think my first CL game was actually the 2005 Liverpool/Milan final - and was interested, but those games also were usually 2:45pm ET kickoffs and, well, I was still in school at that time up through 2008. It wasn't until my parents extended their cable package in 2012 to one that included FSC that I ever really started watching this sport more on a club level, and even that was mostly just the Premier League and the CL.

    It was probably the next season, in the '13-'14 season, when I started branching out and seeking out other leagues online. And while I wasn't and never will be a Chelsea fan, there was always something about Mourinho that I liked about his rascal ways. I'm a youngest sibling so it's easy to see why that might be. Reading up on Mourinho, seeing his background at Inter, seeing what his Inter did against Barcelona in 2010 - I've always had a visceral hatred towards Barcelona - and it just all sort of came together for me with Inter. They just appealed to me in a way that other clubs didn't. I didn't seek this club out and, knowing what I know now, I never would've willingly signed up for this amount of abuse, but what's done is done.

    Despite all of that, I didn't make a huge effort to watch every game each week until probably around 2015-'16 or so. So, whatever the case may be, my "birth certificate" is somewhere in the mid-2010s.

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    May 5th 2002, my uncle asked me to watch Inter vs Lazio with him. He's Lazio supporter It was the first inter match i ever watched and i fell in love since. I remember we played so good in that game but the ref leading the match so unfairly. Even my uncle said Juventus paid the ref to make Inter lost xD Oh yeah my favorite player is Vieri not Ronaldo idk if i counted as plastic fan or not

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    When I got pro evolution soccer 3 in 2003.
    It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world.

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    It’s hard not to fall in love with that

    But I started back in 95 but I was so young I had multiple teams to support, Real and Manutd too, but I started dedicating myself to Inter in 98 when the Phenomenon landed in the Meazza. It was like magic, I fell in love with Recoba as well. Never understood how we didn’t win the league back then. But time goes by and everyone understands now why.

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    10 years of FIF
    I don't even remember exactly, but my father, may God rest his soul, told me it was something like 1993-1994. He was Lazio fan, and he watched Inter - Lazio game, and told me "look at these light blue guys, they gonna win". And was like "I like the others more". Next time Inter played on TV, I got happy and told him to come and cheer with me for MY team. First game I remember cheering really bad and crying afterwards was Bari game, back in 1995 or 1996. It was Orthodox Christmas and we lost 4-1, I didn't want to eat afterwards from crying lol.
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    Forum Supporter 10 years of FIF
    2004 - Pro Evo 4 - Adriano

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    Hello, I'm new here(I'm usually a silent reader, but after I found this thread, I thought it's the best thread to start posting something and be more active in this forums)....

    So how I met Inter is kinda like this:
    I don't like football before, but one day, after school, my friend forced me to play FIFA 98 PS, and (maybe due to beginner'luck) I score a goal in my first minutes playing the game. And, hey, scoring a goal gave me good feeling.
    After that, I started asking anything about football(rule, teams, players) to him(he is a long time Juventini since Platini) and watched matches, highlights.
    And in that one of highlights, I watched Ronaldo, he dribbled the ball from mid, going passed several enemies players, did 1-2 passing, dribbled again, and then shoot, blocked, shoot again and score a goal. What a play! In what team he is? Well, in that highlights, he's still playing for Barcelona(I just know recently after watching YT) but when I asked my friend that time, he said: "He's in Inter!" That's it.
    And just a week or two weeks later, Juve played Inter in that memorable 1998 Derby d'Italia.
    I remember several days after that match, there's incident in Italian parliament following the match.

    Okay, that's my story

    And now, 3 days to the next Derby d'Italia, Forza Inter!!

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    Holy See

    In a previous life I was a serial killer so as punishment in this life I fell in love with this cunt of a club, I'm sure.

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    Recoba's goal from 50 yards

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