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Thread: Roma v Inter - Match Preview

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    Roma v Inter - Match Preview

    Roma v Inter is always a big game in Serie A. We went from the good times with Ronaldo scoring a double and giving us the 3 points, to Okan scoring a header in injury time after a corner to get a last minute draw (2-2), to the 4-1 humiliation of last year.

    There's no need to say that circumstances couldn't be more favourable to us at present: Roma is in a huge crisis. New coach making his debut, players pulling stunts all the time (Cassano leaving the training camp 10 days ago, Montella refusing to play last week). Roma lost against a 9 men Bologna last week, and got battered 4-2 by Real after going 2-0 up at the Bernabeu. Seriously, what could you ask more?

    At the other hand, we just put up an amazing display in the CL against Anderlecht, nearly securing a place in the last 16. Surely, we got 3 draws and only 1 win in Serie A, but we're unbeaten in 8 games and confidence is getting higher and higher.

    Injuries, for a change, are actually helping us! Vieri is out for a knee problem, and this is going to give Mr Oba Oba a place in the starting 11. There's more, Favalli is injured as well, and he wasn't called up for the game (that's great since his last 2 performances were very disappointing). This makes me quite confident in predicting this formation for tomorrow evening:






    ----------------------ADRIANO MARTINS--------------------

    Karagounis will finally be on the bench. This is a great team. We don't have wingers, but Capitano can come up the wing at times and provide some on the right, and Davids can take care of the left. We'll have 4 natural central midfielders in the middle, that means taking control of the game, keeping possession, playing spectacular football. Adriano and Martins should have plenty of clear chances to beat Pellizzoli. C Zanetti is on the bench, it would be smashing if he could play even just 15 minutes, he's a former Roma player, who knows, he could even score! (Frisko Il Martello)

    I'm positive that we're going to concede at least one goal. But I'm also positive we're also going to score at least 3. The Roma players in better conditions are the strikers: Totti and Cassano. De Rossi and Mancini are also in good form. But this is an away game, so I don't care about keeping a clean sheet. We must win, if it's going to be 4-3, that's fine.

    I'm really looking forward to the game. This is quite an unusual situation, especially for an away game: I used to be worried and nervous, but at the moment I'm confident and excited. Thanks for that Mancio!
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    Nice preview Frisko! I am really looking forward to this game. We are playing well at the moment and it will be great to see what we can do against Roma.

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    nice preview!
    I think the squad shouldn't look down unpon its opponnet ,that's very dangerous,I don't hope the game return again when we were beated by Roma ,the score was 0:4.
    Forza inter!

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    Nice preview Frisko. I agree with most of the points you make except the cristiano zanetti and matrix ones.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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